Monday, February 2, 2009

House Hunting

Bruce and I went to San Antonio a couple of Saturdays ago to look at the places Melissa was considering buying. We went into two and I was getting pretty disheartened when we walked into the third and I thought "this is the one!" It was so cute! All updated with premium ceiling fans and lighting, new cabinets and countertops, imaculately clean and painted in trendy designer colors. It was small and sandwiched between two other townhomes with a courtyard in front and a tiny private yard in back. No garage but hey, we can't have everything (can we?)... Her energy bills would be small and it would be manageable. Just two bedrooms/two baths. Perfect for a starter...

We went back to the Realtor's office and looked it up on the MLS site. It had been on the market before and was taken off. A good sign. We checked out the other townhomes sold recently in this edition and made a lowball offer. Here is Melissa giddily (trying to) signing her life away!

Long story short... a week later, it just didn't happen. The seller owed too much money on the place to be able to stomach our offer. I guess she would rather continue making those mortgage payments and see if the market improves... (whatEVER!). Maybe if Melissa doesn't find something else she likes as well, she can try this one again in a few months. We're bumbed because it was really a cute little place, but such is the game... back to house hunting!

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