Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Unplanned Weekend (no pictures :( ...)

Bruce and I had an "open" weekend this week. He saw a write up in the paper advertising a cithy wide garage sale in Port Aransas. Off we went after breakfast on Saturday. It was really a great set up. There were printed maps with all of the participating homes laid out. The good thing was that there were over 40 participants. The bad thing was that there were over 40 cars at every house we visited! We found few treasures.

We couldn't go to Port A without going to see the boat. Bruce puttered a bit while I read on the deck until it began to cloud up and grow cooler. We decided to go back home and clean house. I went back to the boat for my forgotten glasses and that was the moment that changed our path.

Sea Flight was coming into the marina. We would have missed them had I not gone back for the glasses. We went over to help them land and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening with them in their luxurious enclosed cockpit. It rained and was cold but we, along with... at times, a dozen boaters, were snuggled up in a cozy little pocket of laughter and flowing drinks.

BYC had planned a flotilla and a dinner. We have been trying to get over there and join the club so we were invited to have dinner with them. It was catered fajitas. The folks at BYC are all so welcoming and friendly. We had a great time meeting new couples with common interests. It was a hoot!

You might remember that we had not planned to stay the night... After dinner when we began to grow sleepy, we left the crowd and went back to the boat. I had brought some shorts and a change of underwear. I found a clean shirt hanging in the closet on the boat for Sunday. So... I slept in my shirt all covered up in our cozy v-berth. What a great impromptu event!

Sunday morning we met up with the BYC bunch again for breakfast. Ken and Carrie, our slip mates on Free Bird, brought the bloody marys and Harry and Linda on the trawler across the way, Caberet, brought a wonderful french toast casserole thing. It was so good!

We saw Free Flight off and took off on a short sail aboard Elan. Bruce needed his fix. We were double reefed and it was still very gusty in the channel. We followed the BYC boaters heading for home in CC for a while. We hit over 8 knots in speed... lapping a barge that began ahead of us. Bruce was lit up! We turned around and headed for the slip at a much better point of sail. It was a nice sunny afternoon... nothing like the weather man said it would be. Oh well... the housework can wait.

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