Sunday, January 29, 2012

Getting Our Life Back Weekend

Bruce and I have been trying to extricate ourselves from the many duties and responsibilities we've assumed in the past two years or more and this weekend, we've begun to see the fruits of our efforts.  Somehow I found myself off work at 3pm on Friday and we threw some things into the van and escaped to the boat! 

I will say that since we've had Elan for sale, we've been limited as to how much we are able to relax and spread out due to the fact that we never know when someone might come along and want to take a look.  Every time we come for the night or weekend, we find that we've forgotten to bring some "vital" piece of stuff needed for casual weekend boat activities.  We finally gave up and quit trying to cook on board so as not to have to clean the galley to "boat show" standards.  It also cuts down on the amount of stuff we have to haul out here and gives us the opportunity to eat out, which is my real ulterior motive. 

We arrived here at about 4:30 and grabbed a beverage for an evening stroll.  We were checking out friend's new slip over on the fixed docks and were hailed by those very friends.  We hadn't expected any company this weekend but were pleasantly surprised when Bill and Jan showed up. 

We made quick plans and ended up having dinner at the Wild Horse Saloon. We agreed upon this place at Bill's urging and were not disappointed.  I was up for trying something new...  

The Saloon is not very old but when you enter, it looks like one of those old places that have been around for ages.  No frills, just peanuts on the floor and darkness brightened by a multitude of neon signs.  We found a tall table easily as only the bar seats were taken at this time of the evening. 

We ordered drinks and I found the novelty of husking a peanut and cavalierly tossing the shell onto the floor quite liberating.  We all settled on burgers and fries and felt a little flutter when Larry Joe Taylor came in the door with a couple of cronies and sat at the table right next to us.  I got the distinct impression that he wished to pretend to be incognito, so we obliged.  It's gotta be hard to be him and have people hanging on all the time.  He's just a guy after all... I think he was even wearing that same white shirt the last time I saw him...  It was funny though how when I got the waiter to take our picture, LJT was hiding in the background.

We finished up and joined Bill and Jan back on Merlin for a rum punch.  The night was much cooler now so we hung out down below.  Typically Bruce and I head for bed at this point in the evening, but one of my New Year's Resolutions is to be more fun... that means no more going to bed at 8 pm.  Bruce was the one who threw in the towel first this time and we slunk off to the v-berth somewhere around 10 pm. 

My favorite thing about sleeping on the boat are the sounds you hear through the night.  We had a change in the weather and I knew it by the way the boat sounded.  Sometime in the night, things changed.  New sounds and more rocking.  The Norther' had arrived.  This means we really need not spring out of the sack in the morning because it will be blowing hard and much cooler.  I snuggled down and enjoyed the forced inactivity. 

We abandoned sleep at about 6 am but didn't leave the v-berth until about 9:30.  I mused about whether I would ever be able to shake the compulsion to be doing something all the time and just go with whiling away the time following the leads on the Internet or reading a good book...  I gave it a good try this morning. 

We finished our coffee with Bailey's and drove over the Beaches for breakfast.  We had the biscuits and gravy, the best anywhere and tried the bread pudding with more coffee.  We were greeted by the owner, Bob and had a long conversation with him.  He's quite nice and is studying the art of BBQ which is evident if you ever get a chance to try his pulled pork.  He said he's toying with the idea of doing whole hogs but hasn't launched it yet.  I'm OK with it as long as I don't have to see the thing.  We talked to him about working up a proposal for possibly catering a future BYC Cruise to Port A. 

Back at the boat, the cool winds were blustery and wild.  I had a walk on the beach in mind but a nap seemed a more likely pastime at this point.  Hey, it's the weekend and I'm trying to relax and go with it.  I stretched out in the v-berth under the warm sun from the hatch above my head and dozed away an hour or so.  

Once again the compulsion to be doing something seized us so we packed up our stuff and drove to the jetties for that beach walk.  I made some sandwiches... heavy emphasis on on the "sand"... which we ate in the van while watching people feed flocks of gulls.  Aren't tourists cute?  The winds were really blowing the sand which was all over us already and we weren't even out of the van yet...  We gave up on our walk and headed for home. 

We had planned to stay on board for a second night but had received an invitation to an impromptu 40th birthday celebration for our friend Clay.  No way could we miss it so we showed up at the appointed time at B&J's Pizza and joined the fun.  It's been a while since we've seen Clay and his family but he is one of those friends that you can just pick up where you left off and we always enjoy his family.  We ended our Saturday with lots of laughs and a scrumptious cupcake.  I can't believe Clay is 40...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

BYC Frostbite Cruise 2012

The New Year is off and running with the first Cruise of 2012!  This year's Frostbite cruise was practically balmy as compared to last year's freeze.  Walt and Judy took us up on our offer of help in getting Endless Summer over to Port A.  With the help of Stace, the five of us set "sail" at around 11am on Saturday headed that way.  We had very light winds... OK no winds... and a bit of fog as we set a course for marker 43.  Don't bother putting up sails as they would be useless. 

Ann and David closed in on us on Sanctuary with a boatfull of guests.  We tried to outrun them but not very hard and they easily overtook us before we reached the channel. 

Just as they came alongside, a couple of dolphin began playing on their (minimal) bow wake.  You know it's calm when this is the best game in town for a dolphin!  The guests on board were very excited.  As is the norm with my cheap little digital camera, I missed the best shot, but here is the second best.  I got him just as he finished a roll...

There was a little more excitement once we reached the Corpus Christi Ship Channel.  We had some tanker traffic and the dolphin there were taking full advantage.  As always... I love these displays of "Dolphin Joie de Vivre"

We did get a bit more wind with a cool front blowing in as we neared the Port Aransas Ferry lanes but as we were near our destination, we didn't bother putting up sails.  There's still the return trip tomorrow...  We radioed Merlin for our slip assignment and found a BYC welcoming committee ready to help us dock.  Walt did a marvelous job backing the boat right into the slip.  Not too bad for a guy with a recently broken hip!

WE'RE HERE!  Well... our boat is already here so what's the big deal?  The big deal is the turnout for this cruise!  I think we had more than 15 boats show up for this not counting the four boats that stay here.  After the year we've had... this is great!  Every event we planned last year was battered by bad weather.  This weekend with it's little bit of fog and cool wind was a treat! 

SeaFlight was the first of the "Host Boats" that we visited.  We had planned to help out but when Walt asked us for help sailing the boat over, we slinked out of it.  No worries... Brenda had a marvelous pot of seafood chowder simmering on the stove that warmed everyone inside and out!  We joined the throngs of happy sailors in SeaFlight's cockpit and had a taste.

When all of the Chowder was gone, fickle crowd that we are... we all migrated over to our second Host Boat, Merlin.  Jan and Bill had a sumptuous spread laid out and we dove right in.  Their boat was all warm and toasty and the chatter was near deafening!  Bill was serving up some ridiculously delicious rum punches....  May I have some moa? 

I shared the corner with Jo and a giant bowl of guac that was to-die-for.  Jo and Ron are planning their 5th Mardi Gras party at the Club coming up soon.  They weren't at the Officer's Installation Banquet held earlier this month when their names were announced as having (finally) won the prestigious "Cook of the Year" award for 2011.  Jo and Ron have put on the Mardi Gras party year after year and are only now reaping the rewards of fame and fortune beyond measure.  Kudos to you both! 

We whiled away the afternoon and early evening hanging out on the docks like a bunch of shore birds.  We had one more thing on our agenda tonight and when darkness fell, we began the short walk to Fins where we were to eat yet again...

We had over 50 people show up for this dinner.  Some drove over to meet the boaters and we filled this little place up! 

The staff at Fins had their hands full as they brought us all drinks and then began bringing out plates of food, family style.  Bruce and I brought up the rear with Bill and Jan and had to have more tables brought in from the porch.  We got there just in time to get the tail end of the food.

We weren't really very hungry after grazing all afternoon... but for $17 a plate, you have certain expectations....  Bill, just consider it as a donation to local charity and ask for your tax receipt on your way out!

The waiters and manager are pretty good to allow us to take over their place each year for this cruise.  We got pretty noisy and a little rowdy and I'm sure their regular patrons were not too amused by our shenanigans.  There was one couple there who inquired about membership, so hopefully we picked up another new member in spite of it all.

We walked back to the marina where Bruce and I peeled off the parade to sneak back to our boat without notice.  I was ready to be in my jammies and Bruce put up little objection. 

The next morning, we had coffee and set out for a walk to the San Juan for breakfast.  We figured the rest of our bunch would have partied long into the night and it was NO WAY any of them were awake.  We did see several couples out and about when we returned from breakfast. 

We did a few boat chores and even had a chance to show our boat to a prospective buyer... then put away our stuff and headed back over to Endless Summer with our gear.We were just in time to see one of our women working out her strategy to get their boat out of the slip with a bit of wind causing havoc.  We all watched as Sylvia wrestled this beast out of this small space while her husband, Jim gave quiet advice but didn't jump to the wheel and take over.  Sylvia got it out beautifully and we all cheered!  We are seeing more and more of this as our men patiently teach their wives to handle the helm. 

One by one, our little party dissipated as the boats set sail for home.  Our turn came and we had some help getting off the dock and were soon under way again. 

This time we had PLENTY of wind.  It was blowing in the 20s and gusty but the flat water of the ship channel made for a comfortable ride once we got the sails situated. 

The sail back to Corpus Christi was punctuated by the obligatory dolphin show... As this military vessel slid by us we were treated once again to this glimpse into the lives of these marvelous creatures.

The winds moderated before we got out into the Bay, giving us a chance to have a picnic.  Is that all we do?  EAT?  We had nice flat(ish) water and some holes in the breeze before it settled down to a nice 15 plus kts the rest of the way.  We said goodbye to Starfish as we left them behind.  See Ya at the dock, Chip! 

We drowsed our way across the Bay in the weak sunshine and then once docked, scrambled to get all our gear off the boat.  We had to get back to reality and prepare for the work week.  More and more I'm thinking "This is my REALITY".  I'm counting the days until I don't have to go home! 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

1980 CS 36T Sailboat For Sale

For those of you who have better things to do than read on and on about why you should buy this boat instead of all the others on the market out there, let me put it sweetly and simply for you... This boat is a solid proven performer that has been used well and often by a knowledgeable owner.  It is a good value for the money.  If you are looking for a racer/cruiser that provides a comfortable ride, is a joy to sail, is a proven Club Racer, and can make your woman happy, this is the boat for you. 


(We plan to do a new bottom job in the new year and maybe a few other things before we list it with a Broker at a slightly higher price.)


For all of the rest of you who don't mind combing through a long list of useful information with a bit of sales pitch thrown in... here we go!
CS (Canadian Sailcraft) is a boat that, being from the South Texas area, we had never heard of.  There are relatively few in the Gulf Coast area and when looking for a sailboat, or anything else for that matter, one thinks... if I've never heard of it, it must be crap.  Not so!  

The CS is a well respected vessel built in Canada by CS Yachts founded in 1971 by Paul Tennyson.  The Company was one of the casualties of the economy and ceased production in 1992 after putting out several designs.  Raymond Wall, the former chief designer for Camper Nicholson, was their chief designer from 1977 to 1983 during which he designed the CS36 you find for sale here.  Follow these links to read more reviews from trusted online sources.   

CSOA (Canadian Sailcraft Owner's Association) Website

Sailboat Data

Sailing Today Review

Good Old Boat Review

Sailing Magazine Review

We owned our first CS, the 33 ft version, for several years.  We purchased her on the advice of a trusted broker and friend with no personal knowledge of the CS make.  We sailed her happily around the Corpus Christi Bay area, camping out in the nearby anchorages and spending weeklong vacations aboard in happy seclusion.

While on charter vacation in the BVI's in 2004, we were killing time before catching our flight out by looking at boats for sale at Nanny Cay.  We found a CS 36 there.  I took one look at it and passed... it had been chartered hard and looked it.  But Bruce poured over it inside and out.  He loved it and upon our return home, he immediately got online and found our boat on Lake Michigan for sale.  

His decision to make the purchase was based upon the comparison of this boat to the one in Nanny Cay, hands down a better value... and on the fact that this boat came from a fresh water lake in northern climes, where the sun's rays are kinder and the sailing season is much shorter.  Boats are typically in better condition when they have spent their lives in the north.  This boat was sailed for 3 to 4  months a year and was stored on the hard for the remaining months.  She was stored under a heavy canvas cover which we still have and will convey with the sale.  

When Elan was recommissioned here after being trucked from Michigan, Bruce made her ready and I stepped aboard for my first voyage.  The difference in motion between this boat and the 33 ft was astounding.  Everything I didn't like about the smaller boat, I loved about this one.  It was the perfect size for my needs... a cozy cabin with spaces to stick my "girl stuff" for weekend jaunts, long weekends and week long vacations to secluded anchorages where the crowds couldn't find us.  I had been apprehensive about taking our 33 ft boat offshore (having little previous offshore experience myself) but with the more stable feel of the 36, I was all for it.  Bruce and I have taken several week long trips to South Padre where we spent idealic days playing in the sun while carrying our "condo" with us.

Bruce loves her for the fact that while she has a fully decked out interior, she still performs well on the water and brought him enough trophies for him to maintain a proper level of respect amongst the other racers on CC Bay.  This boat  is the perfect combination of "his" and "hers".

Why are we selling her?

Bruce and I are planning to live aboard for a while then cut the docklines and go cruising.  We have 2 grown daughters with "significant others" and I feel that in order to be happy as a Liveaboard, I need an additional cabin and space for more of my "things" than can be accommodated on a 36 ft boat.  We have our eye on a 45 ft boat and would be interested in discussing a trade if the right boat were offered.  We are getting out of the "racing scene" and will be settling into "cruiser mode" with a larger boat.

Since we took ownership in 2004, we have meticulously performed the recommended routine maintenance and have added many upgrades.


The accommodations on this vessel begin with a great cockpit that has good back support, fitted seat cushions, teak table and space to dine, relax or entertain.   At the base of the companionway on port is the U shaped galley with lots of counter space and storage.  To starboard is the quarter berth and the navigation station.  The all-teak interior walls and cabinetry were refinished with 5 coats of hand rubbed  Epifanes Rubbed Effect varnish in 2009.  The teak and holly cabin sole was refinished with Epifanes High Gloss varnish in early 2011 .  Forward of the Galley to Port there is a straight settee which converts to a single berth.  There is a  two sided drop-leaf teak table near centerline in the main salon which accommodates 4 to 6 people easily for dining.  The L-shaped settee on starboard converts to a double bed. There are storage compartments and shelves along the hull on both sides in the salon.  The head/shower is forward of the salon on starboard with teak grate floor and ample storage cabinets and cubbies.  Across from the head/shower are two cedar-lined hanging lockers and storage. A cozy V-berth cabin is forward with cubby storage hull side and a mirrored vanity with drawers.  The original v-berth cushions were replaced in July 2009 with a custom pillow-top mattress from Cantwell's Mattress Company.   There is outstanding ventilation throughout provided by the 8 opening ports with screens and 2 hatches with screens and companionway screens, augmented by 3 fans for when you aren't using the AC.

The hull is made of solid fiberglass (not cored), reinforced with stringers and the bottom has been barrier coated.   She has a solid lead,deep fin keel through-bolted with oversized 3/16 stainless steel bolts.  Each of the 12 bolts is capable of carrying the keel by itself.   She has a partial skeg mounted cored foam rudder.  CS 36 is considered to be an offshore bluewater capable boat according to reviews.  She has beautiful classic lines and is size/weight appropriate for a comfortable ride offshore.  She has performed well as a Club racer bringing home top finishes without stripping her interior.   Her  PHRF rating is 123.  Maintenance records, upgrade receipts, manuals and schematics are aboard.

She holds current  US Documentation and Texas Registratioin.

Additional Specs, Equipment and Information:

Boat Name:

Élan (name and hailing port have been removed from the transom)
Keel: Fin
LOA: 36 ft 6 in
Beam: 11 ft 6 in
LWL: 29 ft 3 in
Draft: 6 ft 3 in
Displacement: 15500 lbs
Ballast: 6500 lbs
Headroom: 6 ft 3 in

Westerbeke 30 Diesel with v-drive
Total Power: 30 HP
4 Cyl Diesel
V Drive
Propeller: Max Prop Folding propeller
Year Built: 1980
Engine Oil Evaluation by Blackstone Laboratories January 2012

Fresh Water Tanks: 100 (2 X 50 gal each)
Fuel Tanks: 40

Number of single berths: 2
Number of double berths: 2
Number of heads: 1


RayMarine 4000 Depthsounder
RayMarine Knotmeter
RayMarine Wind speed indicator (wind direction needs repair) The above are mounted on swiveling pods
RayMarine Autopilot - SXP-5 SmartPilot installed new May 2010 under warranty by West Marine until May, 2013
Balmar 80 amp alternator installed new July 2005
Balmar ARS4 three stage regulator installed new July 2005
Zap Stop new July 2005
Three Stage 25 amp Battery Charger new installed VHF Radio

House bank 2 6 volt golf batteries January 2011
Engine Battery group 27  installed 2007

Inside Equipment:

Electric bilge pump and switch replaced October 2011
Manual bilge pump
Hot water Heater - Atlantic 6 gal with AC or engine use new installed May 2005
AC - Mermaid 16000 BTU new installed March 2004
AC raw water pump replaced new December 2009 under warranty through West Marine through December 2012.


3 burner propane stainless steel stove with oven
Deep near-centerline stainless steel sink with hot and cold pressure water
Refridgeration: Adler Barbor 12 volt with freezer compartment


Jabsco marine head new installed in  2008


Fuel Injector Pump professionally rebuilt February 2007
Raw Water Pump professionally rebuilt August 2011
Exhaust Elbow and hoses replaced October 2010
Mechanical Lift Pump removed and electric pump installed to facilitate easier priming of fuel system November 2010
Impeller Speed Seal installed on engine raw water pump January 2010


Full Batten 9 oz Mainsail with 3 reef points and cunningham new 2007
140% North Sails roller furling jib in good condition with sunbrella cover
100% Hood Sails roller furling jib in good minus condition with sunbrella cover
Symmetrical 3/4 oz Spinnaker and pole in good condition
Asymmetrical Reaching 3/4 oz Spinnaker with sock in good condition
Original Sails - 150 light roller furling jib, 140 heavy roller furling jib, mainsail in useable condition.  


Sloop rig with a double spreader and keel stepped mast
Harken Roller Furling Headstay
Edson leather covered steering wheel
Lazy Jacks
All standing rigging replaced with 316 stainless 1x19 wire June 2008. Port/Starboard uppers and forward lowers upgraded from 1/4 to 5/16 stainless steel 1x19 wire June 2008.
Navtech backstay adjuster rebuilt May 2001 LED Tricolor installed March 2011


Double anchor roller platform on bow
35 lb CQR  plow anchor with chain and 200 ft nylon rode

Additional Extras:

Teak Cockpit table
Swimming ladder
Outboard engine mount on stern
50 ft shore power cord
Replaced all 8 original plastic ports with new oversized stainless steel/glass opening ports with metal screens from Newfound Metals August 2007
Bimini Top  2005 
Rail mounted Lift for outboard
Transom Shower installed in 2007

Personal items aboard do not convey with the sale.

Bow Dodger with zip out isinglass windows and snap on covers 2008 Mainsail and Binnacle covers new October 2011

Photo Gallery:

Port side v-berth view without mattress showing the luscious oiled teak side boards and storage cabinet forward. Cubbies for clothes along both sides
Starboard side v-berth without mattress.

There is a storage bin which fits inside the near compartment for additional storage.

Center view of v-berth with boards

V-Berth with Custom Mattress

Looking Aft to port in v-berth at the Vanity with drawers

Looking Aft Port side from v-berth open vanity cabinet

V-Berth with bed made up looking forward center


Head showing storage and teak grate

Forward hanging locker in v-Berth with AC duct

Two Hanging lockers from looking aft towards port side

Next aft Cedar lined hanging locker on port side across from Head

Port Side Settee open to make a single berth

Salon Table open on both sides looking forward

Starboard side settee opened and converted to a double berth looking forward

Forward looking at the salon with seating Port and Starboard

Looking aft to Starboard at the Nav station and Quarter berth

Looking aft into the quarter berth.  Engine access panel on the inboard side wall

Looking aft into the wet locker and engine access panel.  This is also accessed from above.

Nav Station on Starboard side

Looking Aft from the salon at the Nav Station

Galley from the Companion way looking to Port forward

Galley looking aft to Port

Shiny clean stainless steel stove and oven.

Galley storage cabinets along the Port side

Port side lazarette showing ample storage for gear looking down inside towards the stern

Inside the Starboard wet locker looking down into the lazarette from above and from the stern.
Wheel, instruments, autopilot looking forward

Looking forward from Helm with no bimini on

Starboard side Looking forward

Port side Looking forward

Helm seating

Looking up at the Mast from the bow

Deck looking aft from the bow

Starboard side deck looking aft from the bow

Port side deck looking aft from the bow

Mast base and dorade

Mid deck Starboard looking forward

Mid deck Port looking forward

Port Cabin top winches

Starboard Cabin top winches

Port Main winches

Starboard Main winches

Cockpit table in the down position

Looking aft in the cockpit with bimini on

Looking forward from the helm with the bimini on
Full shot in the slip with all of the canvas on

Canvas on Starboard side view

Canvas on Port side view

Motor lift on Port side aft

Port view from the front

Covers off the bow dodger