Saturday, August 29, 2009

BYC Commodores Cup Regatta 2009

Bruce and I joined our friends Brenda and Mark aboard Sea Flight for this year's Annual Commo- dores Cup Regatta. It's an exclusive BYC club regatta... members only. We hoped this would mean no collisions. We only hit boats outside the club membership. We met up early so that we could change out the head sail on Sea Flight. The winds were forecast to be light.

We had a good time messing around. Mark asked Brenda to leave about 5 ft of line on the furler... What better way to determine just the right length?

Bob & Kay's dog Hammisch (spelling?) went nuts when Mark moved the dinghy. He wanted to GO! Hammisch was made famous in a recent Noah's Arc Article in Latts & Atts.

After the Skipper's meeting and a trip to the grocery store for provisions... we were ready to set sail.

We milled around trying to plan our strategy in the light air. It's always a challenge, and especially so on a 40 ft cruiser.

We had a new couple on board today. Don and Kathy, who are recently returned from a 6 month cruise. Their boat is on the hard in Florida awaiting their return. They were so nice and much help. Don really knows his stuff and Kathy is no slouch either. We extend an open invitation to sail with us any time!

The start was uneventful... it's hard to get to the line in a frenzy in this light air. We made the mark and set out with hope for a good race.

I'm on a new blood pressure medication that keeps me tired and dizzy all of the time. I set myself up as official photo- grapher and had few duties outside of that and a couple of wench releases when my bossy husband ordered me to get off my ___ and do something. I was counting daisies out in left field when I was accosted by this bee (of all things out in the middle of the bay) that seemed to be attracted to the flowers on my shirt. It took quite a while for him to decide there was no nectar here and leave me be... (pardon the pun).

While I was so occupied, the crew was busy trying to get every bit of speed out of the sails.

Brenda and Kathy made a great team on the cabin top and had their jobs down to a science.

It was a long slow race but we had clouds to keep us cool. It was quite a pleasant time out on the water with the best view in town.

We finished the first race and had gourmet sandwiches in the cockpit then milled around until the start of the second race. We got a brilliant start on this on in even lighter air.

Right behind us after we crossed the line and set off... there was a close battle going on. Of course these always look much more harrowing than they are... Oh and the sun came out!

Happy days! Except that with the coming of the sun, we had the going of the wind. It was hard to imagine that it could drop any more... but it did.

We came to a stop out in the bay and just sat around looking at each other. Some boats would move along slowly in the little puffs... our crew worked hard to catch any little bit of wind that came our way.

The bay was nearly like glass!

Finally the winds began to fill in a bit and we were able to get around the course. We had some close calls at the marks. It was suddenly a bit more exciting.

Our friends Jacque and Steve were aboard Susan II. They rounded the mark and came up on our stern. We talked some ___ as did they. It was all in good fun. Steve is very serious about racing at all times. I watched as he tweaked and worked the sails and got this nearly identical boat to sail right on and pass us to the next mark. Good job Steve!

We finished the second race and made it back to the slip by about 5:15. There was a party and dinner beginning at 6 pm so Bruce and I didn't spend too much time hanging out at the dock. We ran home to shower and change and made it back to the Club just in time for the dinner. Our Commodore had left an able crew behind to cook all day. The result was a fabulous brisket dinner. Thanks to all who slaved while we drifted around all day.

We ended up with a Third Place trophy for our efforts. We had a wonderful day and met a great couple of sailors, as well as enjoying the company of our good friends Mark and Brenda, who as always, were the heart and soul of hospitality. Thanks for another great day on the water!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Providing Moral Support at the Weekly Sunfish Races

Bruce and I were feeling energetic after I got home from work so we decided to go check out Steve and Jacque at the weekly sunfish races. We were the only people in the bleachers.

We watched as Jacque...

And Steve zipped back and forth inside the breakwater.

Jacque is getting to be pretty proficient at this. She is new to sunfish racing but I couldn't tell it. She came back to shore and Bruce and I drove over to the boat ramp to socialize.

It didn't seem as if there was much organization out there. At one point we looked out and saw that there was something going on that looked like it could have been a "start". This had to be Steve's influence. He'll get them in gear.

Back on shore, there was much storytelling going on. This always happens when you get sailors together.

There were a couple of late arrivals. Susan and Lori looked like they were in a race of their own. Maybe it's better that way. These girls are really GOOD!

Bruce and I left there to go hang out on the back porch of the BYC. We had brought along some bevereges and they were calling us. We had some relaxing to do.

Aaahhh... it was so nice up there. We had the whole marina at our feet, the winds were cool and dry... the temp was mild. We had the place to ourselves. It was heaven!

We stayed until it started to get dark and the final boat came in. It was a pleasant way to spend a weekday evening.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Day at the Beach

Ahhh there's nothing like a day a the beach at the end of August after the tourists have all gone back home. Bruce has been in Kansas for... it seems like for ever... and I had to get out of the house this weekend or go nuts. I called Mark to see if he and Laura wanted to ride out to Port A with me to check on the boat. He, Laura and Nate picked me up and we drove out to the Port A Beach Lodge for lunch after making sure the boat was still afloat. It was a beautiful, dry, light wind day.

Mark and Nate went straight for the water while Laura and I headed for the lunch. I was starving and she was nice enough to hang out with me. We had a nice chat and a great burger... eat your heart out Bruce! Mark ate the leftovers!

The sand was hot and I think I burned the bottoms of my feet on the way in so Laura shared a shoe. (shown here Laura top two, Tammy bottom two)

She demon- strates here how when the foot with no shoe gets too hot... you can give it a rest and wait until it stops sizzling, then continue on your way. What a great gal.....

Once we joined Mark and Nate on the beach, I wasted no time making my sand castle. However, I was unprepared and had no tools. It looks a bit primitive but I'm proud of it.

Mark got a little out of control with the application of the sunscreen. He practices the "Karl Method" we all know and love.

He was mouthing off to his wife which gave me the opportunity to smack him on the head. Man that felt good! We both needed that!

Things settled down and I got some sunbathing done. Ahhh the day was perfect! It was fine until I had to move my towel because the water was coming closer and closer. I think my sand castle is in peril.

Our little surfer dude had a blast. He found a friend on the beach and when that kid left, he had no problem entertaining himself. Laura hung out with him for a while too.

When Mark went out into the surf to play with Nathan, I got busy scratching out a message for some photo fun. Laura picked right up on it and got busy helping me out.

We probably spent half an hour working on this masterpiece for my ungrateful little brother. But it was fun. Well, it was getting late and we were showing signs of sunburn so we packed it in. Thanks Mark and Laura for getting me out of the house today. I wish my husband was home!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Another aborted Sunfish Lesson

Steve called me mid morning to see if I would be interested in going out with Jacque to IOB in the early afternoon. I had no plans that couldn't be easily moved so I said yes.

Steve would be dropped off at the college in his kayak to paddle across the bay to Ingleside On the Bay. He would then put together their two sunfishes and let me have a go at it. The winds were down finally and it should be a perfect day for my debut.
Jacque and I arrived before Steve did as the winds had come up a bit and it took him a bit longer to slog across the bay. We sat out under the shade and chatted with the regulars. Jacque and I had brought some munchies so it became a regular little party.

Steve showed up soaking wet and stoked. I want to know where he gets all of his energy! There was lots of sitting around chatting and drinking of beverages but then it finally came down to it. Jacque took out one boat and Steve offered me the other. I went so far as to get dressed for it this time, but then looked out over the water and saw how gusty it looked, saw the shallows out there that I would have to lift my dagger board over... thought about the rudder and the main and the boom added to that, and decided that today's winds were too much for me. I can't even drive a standard automobile! No way I could work all of that out. I deferred to another more benign day with no shallows to hit. And fewer witnesses.
I did feel a bit better about my decision when Steve and Jacque both came in saying it was a bit gusty out there. Although they were probably just saying it to help me out. My day will come!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sunfish Race Blown Out

Bruce has been gone all week and I've done nothing much besides working on my vacation photos and catching up on the blog. Friends invited me to go with them to the Thursday night sunfish races and I decided last minute to go. I hadn't really touched base with them to get the plan so I headed for the BYC back porch to lookout. It was relaxing up there with my wine cooler.

I finally left there because nobody showed up. I drove past Steve's house and long story short, ended up riding back to the marina with them in their new truck. (nice ride) Jackie stayed ashore with me and we watched Steve fling himself around. He is like a little kid whipping around on that boat.

We sat on the floating dock in the setting sun and visited with another sailing girl, Susan. Jacque and I caught up on all the gossip. It was a nice way to spend a bachelorette evening. I wish my husband would come home!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hawaii 2009 - Final Hours... Time to go home

I woke up at 3 am the morning after the wedding wondering what I might have said in my toast that might not have been appropriate... I guess everyone does that some time or other. Today we would pack and check out of our hotel. We would still have hours to go before our flight. There's always shopping. I think I bought about another hundred bucks worth of stuff "as an afterthought". We got our tickets for another Luau which was held in the King Kamehameha Hotel right across the street from ours. By mid afternoon we had run out of steam and so we spent an hour and a half sitting in the lobby waiting time to be seated at the Luau. I got caught up on journaling.
We had purchased preferred seating again. While waiting in the line... Charlie and Annette showed up with Chris and Glen! I was so glad to see them. I knew that they were going to a Luau but I thought they were going to the one we had seen previously. They quickly exchanged their tickets for the preferred and when we were seated, I made sure they were placed at our table... once again front and center.
I love the special treatment. The general seating didn't have the "tatoo" guy come right to their table. Nate thought he was really something sporting this tat!
We did have to leave our table to go and take a look at the pig in the pit! We watched as the guys took it out of the ground. It looked kind of nasty to me.
We stood and watched as the Royal Court came in. Nate got a great view.
There was an open bar and pre-made Mai Tais to which you could get another splash of rum added. Our table was the first to be invited to the buffet line. The food was very similar to that offered at the other Luau we attended. Some was a little better. The poi was still yucky! I tried, but it's not happening this trip.
I think I'll have to try to drag Bruce back to the islands some time. It's so beautiful here. The Big Island is not as expensive as Maui and has different things to offer. I've heard it said that the other islands are just as different. Maybe when he's too old to bare boat, we can travel cushy and come back again.
Before long, the show started. The stage was literally less than 5 ft away from my chair. It was similar to the last Luau. It began again with Coconut 101.
Then they called the dancers.
They followed the same plot. Kings of the different island groups and the dancing and costumes of each.
It was just less production and more hula! Man I wanna learn how to do that! How much do you think these chubby girls make dancing a few nights a week in Paradise?
The segment about Aotearoa was again the most alarming! It doesn't make me want to pack up and go see New Zealand... although I'm sure they've calmed down by now. I hear it's a beautiful place to bare boat.
Samoa... once again, very friendly.
We really enjoyed the show and it was certainly a better sendoff than sitting in the airport for hours.
This guy was very funny but he was sweating buckets!
I was so close to the stage I got splattered a couple of times! Eeeewww! They were very energetic and I appreciate that but I draw the line at sweat splatter!
Finally, the moment we had been waiting for...
The fire guy!
They put up a net so we wouldn't accidentally get hit with a flaming baton... (where was that net when I was sweated upon?)...
The fire show at the last Luau was good but this one was great! Talk about energy! I wonder if Bruce could do this... It was the perfect finale to our trip. We literally left before the final curtain to run to the airport and begin the arduous journey home.