Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sunfish Race Blown Out

Bruce has been gone all week and I've done nothing much besides working on my vacation photos and catching up on the blog. Friends invited me to go with them to the Thursday night sunfish races and I decided last minute to go. I hadn't really touched base with them to get the plan so I headed for the BYC back porch to lookout. It was relaxing up there with my wine cooler.

I finally left there because nobody showed up. I drove past Steve's house and long story short, ended up riding back to the marina with them in their new truck. (nice ride) Jackie stayed ashore with me and we watched Steve fling himself around. He is like a little kid whipping around on that boat.

We sat on the floating dock in the setting sun and visited with another sailing girl, Susan. Jacque and I caught up on all the gossip. It was a nice way to spend a bachelorette evening. I wish my husband would come home!

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