Thursday, August 27, 2009

Providing Moral Support at the Weekly Sunfish Races

Bruce and I were feeling energetic after I got home from work so we decided to go check out Steve and Jacque at the weekly sunfish races. We were the only people in the bleachers.

We watched as Jacque...

And Steve zipped back and forth inside the breakwater.

Jacque is getting to be pretty proficient at this. She is new to sunfish racing but I couldn't tell it. She came back to shore and Bruce and I drove over to the boat ramp to socialize.

It didn't seem as if there was much organization out there. At one point we looked out and saw that there was something going on that looked like it could have been a "start". This had to be Steve's influence. He'll get them in gear.

Back on shore, there was much storytelling going on. This always happens when you get sailors together.

There were a couple of late arrivals. Susan and Lori looked like they were in a race of their own. Maybe it's better that way. These girls are really GOOD!

Bruce and I left there to go hang out on the back porch of the BYC. We had brought along some bevereges and they were calling us. We had some relaxing to do.

Aaahhh... it was so nice up there. We had the whole marina at our feet, the winds were cool and dry... the temp was mild. We had the place to ourselves. It was heaven!

We stayed until it started to get dark and the final boat came in. It was a pleasant way to spend a weekday evening.

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