Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hawai'i... The Arrival

The plane ride over was just over 6 hours from Phoenix. We were ready to arrive but not miserable. Our pilot told those of us sitting on the left side of the plane to look out the window for a glimpse of Kilauea. It was beautiful with the cloud pushing up against the far side.

We were greeted at the open air Kona International Airport at Keahole by Mark, Nathan and Laura. It was a pleasant site to be greeted by such big smiles and sweet smelling leis.
We were taken to check into our hotel, Kona Seaside which is situated right in the middle of the area in which we'll be spending the most time. I won't say our hotel was the nicest I've ever stayed in, but it was comparable to others here. It seems like everything in the area is old. It had a good feel to it anyway.

We checked right in and freshened up a bit and took a quick look around. We had been traveling all day and it seemed like it should be late. But it was early afternoon and the sun was shining brightly on our garden view.

We were greeted by this little guy that was hopping around our hotel sidewalk. I can't find him anywhere to see what kind of bird he is.

Mark put the top down on the jeep he and Laura had rented for the week so that we could get the full effect. We parked the jeep and set out on foot for a walking tour of the main drag called Ali'i Road.

It runs along the coast and has quite the view.
Here I am sporting my plumeria over the left ear. A guy told us it was just like the wedding ring... left - leave her alone... right - rush right in!

We weren't hungry yet and besides, we needed to begin adjusting to the local time which is 5 hours earlier than Texas time. We meandered in and out of the shops and enjoyed the sights.
There are giant Banyan trees here in Hawai'i. They are enormous and quite lovely.

We were checking out the jewelry in this little shop when the sales girl asked us if we would like to try our luck with an oyster. Nate drew a 50% off coupon which brought the price down to $7.50. He picked one and guess what! Well watch it and see!

Next stop... the Shave Ice place. We all got one in tropical flavors to tide us over until dinner. These are the SMALLs!

We shopped our way up the street just checking everything out mostly. We found a place to eat that fit every one's needs. It was called the Kona Inn.

It was beautiful with a fabulous view right on the water. I was ready to get seated and order that delicious Mai Tai I had told my mother that I would have at every place we stopped on this trip. It was past due. Ahhhhh... there it is.
Mother didn't purse her lips too bad since I wasn't driving and had Mark and Laura there to keep her in check. She ordered the water. Here she is trying to make it look like fun. I think she would be OK if we could just get a little liquor into her now and then.
Laura and Mark had been in Hawai'i since the previous day and had a bit of time to adjust to the time change. She was ready for a yummy fruity drink herself. We ordered a wonderful dinner and enjoyed the sunset. After a drink and a full tummy, I had no more energy left so we retired for the night.

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