Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Day at the Beach

Ahhh there's nothing like a day a the beach at the end of August after the tourists have all gone back home. Bruce has been in Kansas for... it seems like for ever... and I had to get out of the house this weekend or go nuts. I called Mark to see if he and Laura wanted to ride out to Port A with me to check on the boat. He, Laura and Nate picked me up and we drove out to the Port A Beach Lodge for lunch after making sure the boat was still afloat. It was a beautiful, dry, light wind day.

Mark and Nate went straight for the water while Laura and I headed for the lunch. I was starving and she was nice enough to hang out with me. We had a nice chat and a great burger... eat your heart out Bruce! Mark ate the leftovers!

The sand was hot and I think I burned the bottoms of my feet on the way in so Laura shared a shoe. (shown here Laura top two, Tammy bottom two)

She demon- strates here how when the foot with no shoe gets too hot... you can give it a rest and wait until it stops sizzling, then continue on your way. What a great gal.....

Once we joined Mark and Nate on the beach, I wasted no time making my sand castle. However, I was unprepared and had no tools. It looks a bit primitive but I'm proud of it.

Mark got a little out of control with the application of the sunscreen. He practices the "Karl Method" we all know and love.

He was mouthing off to his wife which gave me the opportunity to smack him on the head. Man that felt good! We both needed that!

Things settled down and I got some sunbathing done. Ahhh the day was perfect! It was fine until I had to move my towel because the water was coming closer and closer. I think my sand castle is in peril.

Our little surfer dude had a blast. He found a friend on the beach and when that kid left, he had no problem entertaining himself. Laura hung out with him for a while too.

When Mark went out into the surf to play with Nathan, I got busy scratching out a message for some photo fun. Laura picked right up on it and got busy helping me out.

We probably spent half an hour working on this masterpiece for my ungrateful little brother. But it was fun. Well, it was getting late and we were showing signs of sunburn so we packed it in. Thanks Mark and Laura for getting me out of the house today. I wish my husband was home!

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