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Moments before our wedding in Newport Rhode Island ~ 2004
Bruce and I met in 1998, while crewing on a sailboat in Corpus Christi Bay.  I was newly divorced and he was a confirmed bachelor... until... after a four and a half year relationship, we decided to tie the knot!

His dream had always been, to cruise the Caribbean on a sailboat. I... well I had never even HAD a dream.  So, I adopted his.

After many years of planning and preparation, we quit our jobs and made "Living the dream" our reality.  We bought a 1995 Catalina Morgan 45' sailboat, and made her our home.

We cruised the US Coast from Corpus Christi to Charleston, the Bahamas and most of the islands from Hispaniola to Grenada.  Leaving our home port in October, 2013... we explored and wandered until we ended up in Grenada, where we lived for fourteen months .

Life is unpredictable.  Suddenly plans change. And because life doesn't always happen the way we plan it, we reluctantly realized that the time had come for us to settle down. Cruising life was becoming more than we could handle. So we found a place on the southeast coast of Puerto Rico to throw out our anchor for the last time.

In January of 2019, we sailed Dos Libras across the Caribbean Sea.  In the span of 71 hours, we left Grenada and our Cruising life behind... and somewhere in the middle of that vast, blue sea... we began the next chapter... Life on the island of Puerto Rico.

 Few people are ever fortunate enough to actually leave their "normal" lives behind, and sail off into a dream... but we have done it.  But the surprise for us is... that there IS life after cruising!  And it's pretty darned great!

We turned the page on our Cruising life, and have embraced our new life here in Puerto Rico.  The process of learning the language, navigating new customs and readjusting to living life on a ROCK... fills our days with surprises and we couldn't be happier!

After living a life of adventure and discovery, I just couldn't imagine returning to the life we left behind so many years ago... Luckily for us... we don't have to!

So if the Cruising life interests you... scroll through the blog archives beginning with Cruising Class of 2013!  If you are more interested in living life in Puerto Rico, you can begin with our arrival to Puerto Rico.  But wherever you choose to begin, know that I will share the moments, both good and bad, in a way that will hopefully allow you to feel as if you've been here!

Thanks for stopping by,

Tammy and Bruce

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