Sunday, February 22, 2009

Boat Project

Bruce has begun the biggest part of the refinishing job on Elan. He had previously taken the doors home to sand and refinish them and it took several weeks waiting for the right weather conditions.

He started working on the fixed interior parts last week and we went to the boat on Sunday to put the final touch on the prep so that he could begin laying varnish on Monday. Mark and Laura came out for a bit after having lunch at Virginia's. Laura was willing to take up the sandpaper but Mark wasn't... so they didn't stay long. We worked most of the afternoon. It's a big job as there is a lot of wood inside Elan.

The sanded wood looked blotchy and I was skeptical. But, after Bruce donned his has mat gear and went to work with the denatured alcohol to clean and prep the sanded wood, it looked much better. We got most of the cleaning and prep done. Bruce will tape it all off and begin laying varnish on Monday. Hopefully if the weather permits, he will have all of the base coats applied and we will do the final finish this coming Sunday.

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