Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mardi Gras BYC Style

Saturday night we attended another BYC party. I think I'm beginning to notice a trend here... It was Mardi Gras. Of course Bruce and I had no idea what to expect and when I enquired as to the attire for the evening, I was told vaguely... your best Mardi Gras attire. Well this brought to mind costumes and masques and beads and bare breasts. So, we decided to play it safe... a goofy hat and beads for Bruce... a chance to go out in my feather boas for me! A girl must take every opportunity to wear the boa!

Bruce's hear sank as we walked towards the dock. I had extracted a promise from him to keep the hat on "no matter what". There were no others wearing anything remotely... shall we say "appropriately celebratory". Oh well... I had my promise! Things eased up for Bruce once we got inside the clubhouse however, there were decorations everywhere as well as people in hats (even goofier (cooler) than his). Beads were handed around and after declining the 4th offer as they would clash with my boa... I finally accepted my share.

We had a great cajun dinner hosted by the "good" Captain Ron and his family. He evidently has some cajun blood coursing through his veins that was put to good use in the provision of dinner. Even the grandbabies got in on it. Free labor... what can you do?

After dinner, everyone mixed and mingled to the music. I got to hear Carrie's story about their new boat. It's in Guatamala awaiting the Spring when they can go and bring it back here. Bruce and I are jealous!
Wine was plentiful. We have had to make a pact that we drink one water between every alcoholic beverage. I just limited my intake to avoid the Sunday morning headache. (I didn't say hangover) We left relatively early for the crowd, before 10pm, but this is late for Bruce and I. We'll have to work up to the late crew. Ya gotta have goals!

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