Saturday, February 21, 2009

UK Halsey Racing Rules Seminar

This Saturday afternoon, the local sailors were treated to a free seminar on the new 2009 Racing Rules. It was an excellent opportunity for people like myself, who have no clue... to begin to get one. CCYC hosted the event for members of the local MORF club as well as those from BYC and anyone else interested in sailboat racing.

We met in the upstairs dining room of the CCYC and spent the next two hours enthralled. The presentor was Butch Ulmer, from UK Halsey sails. Here is the link to their website. They have created an online tutorial with clips of boats in different scenarios with Q&A to teach the proper sailing rules. It was very easy for a beginner like myself to understand but as the day wore on, I became more and more sure that I would never be the one calling the shots in any race.

After the session, there was time for chit-chat.

Bruce met up with one of the MORF board members to turn in some homework that he had been working on for the club.

It was all good. Jacquie asked me if I had "got all of that". I confessed that a lot of it was making sense to me until they started saying things like "if in this situation these rules apply but in this other situation, all those rules go away and this one applies". Yes, it was written by a man. But, I think in our situation... non "one-design" racing... common sense will get us through most of the time.

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