Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mid Week Interlude

Bruce and I took off for Port A right after work planning to have dinner at the Port A Beach Lodge. I guess they didn't expect any patrons for dinner as they didn't have what I like to drink nor did they have the ingredients for the burger we usually order. Bruce decided that was it, we were going to our Plan B place... Moby's

This suited me fine as they serve Margaritas! We had the place nearly to ourselves... in fact, the whole town was almost deserted. I love it when the tourists go home!

We had a great dinner and then retired to the boat where we were delighted to find, it's a full moon night!

We took a stroll along the channel in the setting sun. The weather was particularly fine. The winds were light and caressing... the temperature was mild.

We walked out onto the fishing pier where only one lonely guy was fishing, to enjoy the last bit of sun and see what visual treats it left us.

We saw this guy parked atop a street light readying himself for the night.

It was such a relaxing evening... just what I needed to break up my work week. We sat on the deck and talked and planned until bedtime. We were sleeping on the new matress that Curtis made for us with the windows open so that we could enjoy the moonlight and the marina sounds.

Morning found us rested and happy to be on the boat for our favorite time of the day... Coffee Time! We drank Bruce's special brew and talked about how hectic the summer has been and how glad we are that it's over and we can get back to "normal".

All too soon, we had to drag ourselves up and hit the road. I still have to be at work in a while... I don't want to leave! We put the top down on the beater and stopped by the new donut place for breakfast on the way. The ride home with the rising sun behind us was glorious! A great start to our day! Life is good!

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