Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bad Day for Air Conditioners

We awoke in the V-berth with the uncom- fortable feeling that something was WRONG with the air conditioner! It wasn't hot... per se. Just not cool! Bruce kicked me out of my bed and tore it apart to find that the coils on the AC were frozen up. This can't be good. Long story short, we let it thaw out and tried it later and it worked. For now...

Luckily for us, there were no blood sucking insects waiting outside our door. The sun was just coming up and it was beautiful... again!

We had a very nice cool morning on the deck with our coffee and a magazine. The new Lats & Atts came on Friday and I was pouring through it.

Bruce even relaxed for a while.

We were never far from the watchful eye of our guardian. He was perched on the railing of a big boat down at the end of our dock and he misses nothing.

We lounged around until the Polly Anna came in, then we decided to go eat breakfast out so as not to heat up the cabin with the AC out and all. No argument from me!

That was when we discovered that the AC in the van was having sympathy pains. How can this be!? This problem seems to be in the switch. Bruce couldn't seem to find it so it's in to the shop on Monday for the van! Bummer! Thankfully it's not hot.

We had nothing on our agenda today but to get home in time to do the laundry. We took advantage of the near non-existant wind situation to take a dinghy ride across the channel to our favorite swimmin' hole.

Bruce wanted to do some fishing. He had caught some skip jack here on Thursday and had fun, so he wanted to try it agin.

I'm always up for some beach combing. We whiled away the morning in seclusion watching the baitfish jump out of the water, and a crab run from a mangrove snapper, and the ever present dolphin rolling gently as they grazed.

Bruce caught nothing and we gave it up and headed for home.... the end of another great weekend in Port A.

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