Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Guardians of the Peace

I arrived at the Marina as soon as I could get there after work on Wednesday. Bruce had been there all day and had a surprise for me. He had cleaned the boat up nicely and had even bought us some lovely shrimp from the Poly Anna. Here he is de-heading and peeling them so they will be ready for cooking on Thursday at home. He also tried out our new boat grill on some yummy pork loin chops for our dinner! What a guy.

We wound down with a cocktail in the cockpit after dinner and a quick trip to the IGA. It was eerily quiet in Port A. Weekdays are usually so but now that the summer is over, it's deafening. The only thing moving here was the Poly Anna going out for a night of shrimping.

We have a guard here on our dock. His name is Ickabod Crane... Icky for short. When things quieten down in the evening, he takes his position and if anyone tries to come down the dock, he flies off with a loud noise that is somewhere between a squawk and a honk. It's an unmistakable sound of annoyance at best.

He is a majestic Great Blue Heron. His feet are as big as mine. He's crotchety but he's OUR guy!

We watched the setting sun from the deck of Elan. I brought a book to read but didn't even pick it up. I watched the continually changing colors of the sunset. It was all the entertainment needed. We were driven inside by the arrival of dozens of hungry mosquitoes. We've been spoiled by their absence along with the absence of rain. I guess that's all changed now that we've had the recent deluge.

We spent a peaceful night's sleep, un-punctuated by any squawk. In the morning, we got out early so I could drive back to work. Had to be in early for the weekly Physician's meeting. It was nice to see Icky still at his post as Guardian of the Peace.

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