Wednesday, June 17, 2009

BVI Vacation with the Girls A Night Out in Cane Garden Bay

We had asked around in town earlier today if there was anyplace that would have live music. We were told that a place called Myett's would have steel drums playing early so we decided to try them out. We got there at about 5:30 and they were just setting up for the dinner hour, so we had to settle for HAPPY HOUR! We were not sad...

We were visited again by One Love, still trying to talk us into buying one of his CDs. He chatted us up unmercifully and we resisted. He finally gave up and went down to the beach in defeat. I felt so bad for him that I sent the kids down to buy one of the things. What's 20 bucks in the grand scheme of things?

We enjoyed the music and the beautiful sunset along with the abundant rum punches. Did I mention that the BVI bars are not stingy with the rum?

This is the view from our table...

We were taken over to pick out our dinner from the night's selections. They had steaks and chicken and this giant lobster! He was alive and I think he had visions of escape but they wouldn't leave him alone. I know what Brittney's going to choose!

The waitress let us all take turns holding the beast. Then she made him flip. Brittney dropped him but I kept a firm hold. You might notice... he's BIG!

We drank and drank, and the dinner took it's time in coming... island time you know. There were kitties around and one followed me to the bathroom. I had to take this picture there... again... living right! "come on people, think about it... sand in the drain! NO NO NO!" I love it!

The next thing I knew... I was up on my feet and dancing in the sand to the sound of the steel drums.

The girls joined me.

We dance and danced! You don't realize how hard it is to dance in sand. It's hard to keep from falling down. I swear it's the sand, not the rum!

In order to avoid personal injury, we moved up onto the deck where the band was playing.

I think they played even better then. I can't figure out how they make music on these things. They just look like barrels to me.

And tell me again... why is the rum always gone?!?

Well it was good timing, as about this time, the food arrived so we went back to the table. The band shut down and went home and the night became more calm. Brittney did choose the lobster, but they saved that big boy for show. The one she got was plenty big. We think they should use this pic as their advertisements.

We all had incredible food, Melissa got tuna, Bruce had ribs and I had a veggie lasagna. We ate ourselves sick.

Never fear though, there was this guy to pick up the leftovers should we feel the need to share. I guess if we let animals into the restaurants in the States, it would get out of hand. Here it doesn't seem to be a problem.

After dinner, we took a walk back to the dinghy along the water. It was such a beautiful night.

We were all happy and full and the girls were laughing at me for some reason. They thought I was drunk!

I just don't get it! What makes them think that? Here we are setting up for our obligatory "feet" picture.

And the finished product... HEY! Who's the guy with the stinkin' shoes messing with our theme!?

We made it to the parking lot... now where was that dinghy anyway. The guys from the distillery were at the end of the pier and I think they were smoking something suspect. They had recommended this restaurant and had sent the girls over a glass of wine each in return for the great tip we had left them earlier today. Such nice young men...

We found our ride and somehow, got into it without anyone falling into the water. We made it back to Trinity and found sleep easy after another long, full, happy day!

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