Sunday, June 21, 2009

BVI Vacation week 2 with the In-Laws Cooper Island

Sunday morning was quiet. It got hot early there in our slip at Road Town. We expected Jackie and Plil to be on the island at around mid morning. We had a very nice breakfast and did some reading.
We made a list of everything we didn't get from Ample Hamper and made a trip to the local RiteWay food store. It was a nice walk through our part of town.
Our next wave of crew arrived at about 11:30 am and we were all ready to shove off. All we needed to do was to get them some snorkel gear. They didn't know we were going to be snorkeling...
We loaded them aboard and were off!
Our first stop was to Salt Island to show them the Rhone. I got into the water as soon as we caught a mooring. It was rockin and rollin with the swells and Jackie had sea-sickness feelings crossing the Sir Francis Drake Channel. The visibility was TERRIBLE and the waves were bad so I got back on the boat and suggested we skip it. Bruce agreed.
We motored over to our planned stop for the night, Cooper Island. It wasn't very far and the way was mostly protected from the winds. We got Jackie at the helm which helped the queasiness.
Upon arrival, we all went for a swim. It seemed as good a time as any to get Phil and Jackie into the water and start them becoming comfortable with the snorkel gear.
It was hot and the water felt good. We swam around and had Before long, Phil and Jackie were all set. Bruce suggested that we take the dinghy over to the nearby snorkeling grounds where we tied off to the dinghy mooring line.
It was nice over there and I saw some fish that I had not seen before. This little blue guy looked like some overgrown pipefish and was a vivid blue. This picture does not do his color justice.
We saw what I think is a baracuda. It's the only one we saw on this trip. Last time we were here, they were everywhere!
There was a large school of these brownish black colored fish swiming around together eating. I followed them for quite a while.
And of course, the coral were beautiful...
We got cold and went back to the boat to warm up a bit. We went ashore to explore the cresent beach of Cooper Island. We walked along the shady palm tree path.
We took a stroll along the beach while we waited for happy hour to begin...
When the bell rang, we had a seat at the restaurant and enjoyed this view with our Pain Killers. Not a bad way to wind down a day.
We went back to Trinity to begin making dinner. We enjoyed our sunset and caught up on family gossip.
Bruce was grilling tonight. We had a delicious dinner and settled in for the night.

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