Saturday, June 6, 2009

Annual Dock Crawl

We had made no plans for this weekend other than to pack for our upcoming trip to the BVIs. Bruce's back has been steadily improving and we were taking no chances. We spent the day on Saturday measuring our suitcases, digging up our snorkeling gear, laying out clothes and double bagging food that would go into the suitcases to avoid leakage in the unpressurized cabin of the airplanes. I have somehow managed to get "enough" clothes and stuff into the allowed 62 linear inches of suitcase with a pound or two in weight to spare.

Saturday evening we attended the annual BYC Dock Crawl. We arrived about an hour late so we didn't get to see all of the boats that were hosting, but it was a good time.

The deal is, a number of club members were asked to host a happy hour on their boats so that others could check them out. Each boat offered snacks and drinks. There was no agenda other than to make it through 2 docks to the clubhouse for dessert.

Folks stood around on the docks and on board the various boats and chatted. You've gotta love this hat!

We did go aboard a couple of boats we hadn't seen before. One was very impresive, a 37ft Endeavor. Lots of nice wood inside and a very different layout from any I had seen before. Next year we'll probably be asked to bring Elan over for a viewing.

We spent some time aboard one trawler, our slip neighbors from Port A. Harry & Linda are real cruisers. They've taken their trawler and done the "Great Loop". They're back here working and building the cruising kitty back up again.

We ended the evening back at the clubhouse talking with everyone. It got me fired up again to be a "real cruiser". There are clubmembers who might be interested in buying Elan so that Bruce and I could get a bigger boat for cruising. What I wouldn't give for a crystal ball.

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