Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shake down cruise

We have our crew set for this year’s Harvest Moon Regatta. Sunday, we were all there excepting one. Mark and Brenda invited us to sail offshore in the morning. Doug, Bruce and I were happy to go. The weather was so perfect how could we not? If only we could have the same weather for the HMR… I’ve got to brush up on my weather voodoo.

Doug was in fishing mode and practically salivated over all of the birds diving on the fish just offshore. The previous day, there had been no birds and no fish. Today, when we weren’t fishing…there they were. So Mark dug out his one offshore pole and Doug gave Brenda a crash course in tying lures. Mark set up the pole on the back rail.

We went back out to the ship parking lot and trolled the whole way. We have discovered that Doug grew up in the same area as Brenda and Mark. The list of common acquaintances was endless. They talked and talked and talked. Bruce thought Doug’s throat should be hoarse. We are glad that we all seem to get along so well since we’ll soon be spending a week together on the boat.

On the way in, the guys went up on deck to have a serious pow wow man talk. They made their plans while Brenda manned the wheel. I think it’s going to be a great week! When we got back to the marina, Mark dropped us off and they went back to Corpus Christi. Bruce and I packed up and waited a bit for the promised tuna caught by another boat at the dock. We went home and cooked it for dinner. We did get our swim in at the club and wound down with the new season of Desperate Housewives for which I had been waiting and waiting. Another great weekend.

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