Monday, September 29, 2008

Other people's boats

Saturday we did some household chores in the morning and went out to Port Aransas after lunch. It’s funny… you know the saying that “it’s better to have friends with boats”. Well, that may well be true if you don’t have one of your own, but if you do… it means that you seldom go out on your own. Now I’m not complaining but it has become funny. We turned down an invitation with John on Wet Express to come to Port A. When we got there, Doug, along with Terry and Sherry from Cheers, were waiting for us to go out offshore fishing on Doug's 28' Luhrs.

The day was absolutely beautiful. Bruce drove from the flybridge in order to be able to see the debris floating in the water from the hurricane in Galveston. We passed a hot water heater among other things. We set some lures and trolled for a bit outside the jetties. We caught one little Spanish Mackerel right off and then nothing else but a snarl in our line.
We changed to fake ribbonfish and went out to where the ships were parked. There are a lot more ships out there than usual due tothe situation in Houston I guess.

We trolled right alongside one, then another. Doug told Bruce to get closer. Suddenly, we realized that we were VERY close! Maybe the ship had swung or rocked towards us…whatever it was, it looked like there was no more than three feet between the ship and the outriggers.
Bruce corrected course and we all breathed a bit easier.

Bruce came down to relax and let someone else drive the rest of the way.

We came in and went for a sunset spin over by the Light House on St. Joe Island. It was a good choice! The sunset was a spectacular end to another beautiful day on the water with friends. We had Doug over to our boat for a quick dinner and then we all joined the Sea Flight crew for wine and conversation in the cockpit until way after my bedtime.

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