Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sunday Sunday

Sunday morning we slept late…nearly ‘till 7am. We spent a long time reading on deck after the mosquitoes went away. When Bruce could stand being idle no more, we got to work on the chores. I made breakfast while he removed the outboard motor from the dinghy so that we could take it home for some maintenance later this week.

The next item on our short list for the day was to disassemble the head on Elan. It has been making a sucking noise after being pumped out and I finally nagged Bruce into doing some investigating. Well, I nagged myself into it anyway. I practically had to stand on my head to get the screws out of the thing. Lucky for me, Bruce had some heavy rubber gloves and the potty isn’t very old so, at the risk of sounding indelicate, there wasn't much... shall we say... buildup. I don’t think I’ll have to amputate anything. Everything checked out OK so we decided it was just the clamps that needed to be tightened. And we... that is..I feel better now.
We went for a bike ride through Island Moorings. We only did about a half hour but it made me sweaty so we went to the beach thinking of a short swim. I sunbathed in the shallows. The water washing in was too cool for me to consider going out in the surf. Bruce tried his hand at surf fishing for a while but to no avail. We left there and headed back to the marina.

We packed up and went home after some sunbathing/reading time. We have the new membership at the CC athletic club and we’re both very gung ho…so we went there and had a swim workout on Sunday evening. A positive end to another great weekend. I just hope that I can keep up the pace!

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