Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hurricane days can be frustrating...

Since it seems that we’ve been spared… I feel like I should be making the most of the days…run, jump, frolic! But everything is closed up battened down…can’t go sailing, the boat is stripped, can’t take the bikes anywhere fun, the van is full of boat stuff, can’t go to the beach…there’s a storm surge, kayaking…nope nope NOPE!

We sat around in the morning on Friday until we couldn’t stand it any more.
We drove down to the bayfront to check it out. The marina looked “full” of water. The boats were floating at the same level as the docks. There was some water beginning to lap onto the T-head when we were there. We took a walk around came back home.

We had invited some friends over for a fish fry dinner so we had some preparations to make. I didn’t take any pictures of the little “hurricane party” but we sure enjoyed our guests…thanks for coming guys!

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