Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I love Wednesdays!!!

We sailed tonight with Cute Shoes. We got a fabulous start and stayed out in front for most of the race. I don’t know yet how we did on corrected time but it was sure nice to be out in front. Look forward and see no boats. Look behind and see the rest of our fleet laboring to catch up. Steve was so happy!

There were giant clouds out behind our city making a dramatic view of the competition. It was interesting tonight because the course for working sails was 10s 19s and finish. The all sails boats went out to 3p 19p and back in. We met in the middle working around the course in opposite directions. It was kind of neat.

We were ahead of everyone until very near the first mark. One boat, a Saber 35, passed us but wasn’t pointing as well. We hardened up and made a perfect lay line to the second mark.

The other boats overstood. It was marvelous!
We had a sleigh ride all the way back in surfing to over 7 kts on the waves. We finished just after the Saber. The wind was cooler with the clouds covering the sun. It was another HOT day today. Out on the water was the only place to be.

Tonight was the monthly MORF Social. The racers all met at the CCYC for beer and burgers after the race. It has been months since Bruce and I attended and it was nice to see all of the old crowd again.

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