Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm Famous!!!

You might remember ( or maybe not… ) that I had one of my pictures published in Lats & Atts a couple of months ago. The 100th anniversary edition to be exact. Well, as usual, the following month I got the magazine and flipped quickly to the pictures to see if any of the other pictures I had sent in had made it. Nothing. I’ve spent the past 2 weeks looking everywhere for that magazine… my distress over having misplaced it has clouded my mind and made me unaware that the passage of time has brought yet another issue of Lats & Atts to our door. I was caught unaware.

Today when Bruce got home, he picked this month’s issue up from the floor where the mail slot dumps the mail. While he was at the boat today, one of our slip mates, Keith from Rosie, asked him “where is Soper’s Hole?” When Bruce asked him why, he stated “There’s a picture of your wife on her way to Soper’s Hole in Lats & Atts this month!” I’ve made it!!! I’m famous!!! Bruce will never be able to afford me now!
You can go to the website and see the magazine by clicking this link. This month's issue should be online in a day or two. The magazine is free online but we subscribers usually get our copy in the mail first.

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