Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sailing our own boat

Today Mark and Laura joined us on Elan for a short sail. The wind was blowing 18+ knots. Bruce got Mark to help him take down the 150% headsail we had on the roller furler to change it out to the 100% jib. This was quite the event with the boat in the slip and the wind howling in the rigging.

It was well worth it however, because we had a nice easy sail once we got out of the slip. The wind blows our bow around faster than we can get the boat lined up in reverse. Mark saved the day with a bit of quick thinking. He had retained one of the lines and just as it seemed that all was lost, he gave a yank on the line and I threw it into forward gear. This gave our bow just enough of a boost to get going in the right direction. Way to go Mark!
There were swells and current in the channel as we crossed over to the Lydia Ann. We sailed up past the lighthouse and back again with no mishaps. We made a nice easy landing. Bruce got his sailing fix. It’s been a while since we took our own boat out and he was beginning to get antsy. Now all is well.

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