Friday, October 31, 2008

Something to live for!

Yea!! We've done it!! We've found our next "something to live for"... We booked a charter in the BVI's for 2 weeks in June, 2009. We had been planning (and planning... and planning...) a trip to Greece but it's just not happening. I just don't have the time to get it together.

We went to the BVI's last November and found that we really prefer to go in June. Bruce and I wanted to share it with our girls, so in my usual style... I conceived and booked the entire event in 30 hours. We are gifting the airline tickets to Brittney and Melissa for Christmas. But the poor girls have to come up with their share of the boat on their own... something to live for! Gotta have goals!

We will spend the first week with them and then they will fly back home to be replaced by Bruce's brother Phil and his wife Jackie. She once owned her own sailboat but they've not had much opportunity to sail in recent years and so were glad to take us up on the offer. Plus, Bruce says Jackie is an excellent cook. (It must be a common thing with Jackies/Jacquies)

Anyway... click to see our intended boat and feel free to book along with us.. there is a sister ship. Oh and to get the absolute best help in booking tickets to the Caribbean... contact Joanie at Caribbean Travel. I've provided a link to their webpage here on your right.

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  1. Hey guys! Happy Halloween! So glad you were able to book a trip for next June! Sorry it wasn't to Greece..."Something to live for" another time. Heu that is going to be my new saying....SOmething to live guys are the best! Call us when you are in town!