Sunday, November 2, 2008

Going back to our birthday...

After the Harvest Moon Regatta which ended on the 17th of October (Bruce's and my birthday)... my brother Mark invited us to a little impromptu birthday BBQ at his new house. Clay and Krystal came over to help us celebrate.
Mark and Laura have done a great job in making their house a home. The back yard is perfect for the little get-together.

Mark made us a vegie tray, margueritas and some yummy chicken.

Bruce and I brought Mark a gift too. His birthday is on the 11th. I had received a bamboo cutting board for the bar from the kids a while back and love we got Mark one for the kitchen and another little bitty one for his bar. Best way I know to buy presents is to shop for yourself for someone else.

We had a great time chatting with Clay and Krystal. It had been some time since saw the young Watsons. It was fun and nice of Laura and Mark to throw it together for us.

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