Sunday, November 2, 2008

New genoa tracks on Elan!!!

Last week Bruce spent some time working on preparing to install new inboard genoa tracks on the boat. He drilled out the holes, cut holes in the cabin top inside the boat, and bored the core of the deck to fill it with epoxy. Saturday, with me there to help the final drilling of holes, we got it done.

First Bruce took down the ceiling inside the cabin. He removed the tape that was used to keep the epoxy from dripping down inside the boat.

We carefully placed the tracks over the holes and drilled them out. It always makes us nervous to make holes in the boat.

The job went without a hitch! We got the tracks placed with life calk sealant around the bolts and after a week curing time, we'll try them out and see if we can trim the jib to point higher.

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