Sunday, November 2, 2008

Critter Pics

Bruce and I went to the boat this weekend. The water was beautifully clear and the critters were out in droves. The turtles are back... they are everywhere you look. We had a bunch of them in the marina last summer and it seems that this year, there were fewer. Maybe the water wasn't clear enough to see them or maybe they were late in coming. Whatever it was, they're here now.

The tide was out in the morning. You could see the oysters clinging to the pilings everywhere.

This weekend is the first time we've ever seen the jellyfish in the marina like this. They were facinating to watch. They undulated their way slowly along. The edges and centers had pink linings. If you watched a while, you could see little fish swim up inside the umbrella and flit around.
The funniest thing is the strange thing the mullet teenagers are doing. They are schooling in little pods and swimming along the surface of the water with their faces out in the air. They went this way and that way all day long. The next morning, they started up again at first light. I'm sure my brother would know just what they're doing, but I can only wonder.

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