Monday, November 24, 2008

Sunday afternoon on Wet Express

Sunday afternoon was beautiful. It was one of those days after a front comes through when the winds die down and the air is borderline warm. A perfect day for a leisurely sail on Wet Express with John and Yedda!
We always enjoy time with both, but it's a treat when Yedda is here. She has a home in DFW where she works in computer programming. It is difficult for her to find work in her field here in CC.

We set sail near 2:00 with a "crew" of 7...

There wasn't a lot of actual crew work to be done. The winds were so light it was more like slip sailing than being out in the bay. But conversation flew and we had many laughs.

We had only one named goal... to find and photograph Cute Shoes!

Once accomplished, we turned for home port. Sailing on our bay never fails to reward us with a spectacular view!

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