Sunday, November 23, 2008

One for Me...One for you!

It's funny how these things "just happen" My poor husband is left with his head spinning, wondering how he got into this mess.
I found out on Thursday that one of my co-workers, Tica... who left Costa Rica to come work here in the US about 11 years ago... had just bought a home and had been living without a refrigerator since she moved in. It seemed there was no refrigerator in sight and she was living out of a loaned ice chest.
Well, this would just not do! I concocted a plan in which Bruce and I would purchase the new bottom freezer refrigerator that I had been coveting, and give Tica our perfectly good old fridge. So... on Friday after work, Bruce and I went out and bought a new one for ourselves. Right before I slapped that credit card down, I called Tica to make sure she would accept the one we would like to give her. She said NO!!
But when I told her I would take $45 bucks for it, she agreed. We accepted delivery of our beautiful new fridge and the delivery guys took our old one to Tica's new house to be set up. Win Win!

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