Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day 2008

Somehow, my bowing out so that Melissa and Brittney wouldn't have to make a choice between me and their dad for Thanksgiving this year... turned into the kids making their own dinner at home in San Antonio and Bruce and I accepting a gracious invitation from our friends Steve and Jacquie.
I did get the token phonecall from Brittney requesting directions for making stuffing... so my need to feel maternal has been satisfied. Bruce and I were in charge of the potatoes, both mashed Idaho and baked yams topped with marshmellows. Such light duty!

We arrived at Steve and Jacquie's home promptly at 2:00 p.m. I had planned to take pictures of our normal greeting by Sandy, the 4 year old yellow lab which involves much jumping and licking. Bruce was to be the receiver but Sandy had other ideas and so my pictures didn't happen. I was being jumped and licked! By the time Sandy calmed down enough for me to use the camera, she had become suspicious.

Jacquie must have been preparing food for days! Everything was just perfect. She served us the turkey on her grandmother's 24 kt gold trimmed platter.
Steve did the carving making short work of the 20 something lb bird. Sandy got her share. The turkey was done to perfection! I stood by watching as it was all finished off and we sat down to eat.
This is the one day a year when I wish that my stomach could hold more... mouth said GO!!Tummy said NO! It was so much more food than 4 people and a dog deserve. We wadled away to the livingroom to let our dinner settle so that we could think about having dessert.
We always enjoy our time with Jacquie and Steve. They've been to so many of the places we would like to go and they make it seem somehow more "possible" to us. As the afternoon passed into early evening, the pie was brought up. No one was hungry yet but Bruce wasn't about to pass it up. When I saw the thing, I had to have a go at it myself. Bruce shared his (giant) piece with me. Here is the chef with her masterpiece.
If we couldn't be with our family this year we couldn't have asked for a better alternative. Thanks so much Jacquie and Steve for a delicious meal and good company.

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