Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Real Reason to do the Wednesday Night Races...

The weather last night was somewhat question-able... but Bruce and I went out to meet Steve on Cute Shoes for the race. Bruce was indecisive about it at first… it seemed that not so many boats were out and the start was moved up due to the time change. Most of the race would be done in the dark and it was 71 degrees when we arrived. I have long been the fair weather sailor but now it seems as if Bruce is coming over to my way of thinking.

Steve convinced us that it would be fun and he was right! It never got any colder and the water seemed to be a warm undulating blanket that posed no threat. The boat really does perform astonishingly well and goes a long way towards dispelling our prejudices against the smaller sailing vessels.

The Sunsets are the real reason for doing the Wednesday night races. The only souls in Corpus Christi to be honored with such majesty are those out on the bay at sunset. I can hardly be bothered to perform my duties as crew in my need to snap it all up for digital posterity.

Night fell very soon and the full moon rose out of the clouds. It was amazing to see how the velvety blue of the night, and the silvered blue of the billowy clouds were distinctly different in color from the slightly teal green hue of the bay’s waters. The moon gave just enough light for the water to maintain it’s own identity over the night. I was fascinated as I sat on the leaping cabin top trying to drink it all in as the camera was woefully inadequate to document it so that I could share it with you here.

We sailed a near perfect course with Pazuzu on our tail until near the last mark. We were making our way up to #19 when we saw them dive down towards the Gap and the finish. We wondered which one of us was confused but stayed our course. We were finally able to distinguish the mark in the dark bay and sailed right up and around it. Soon after we were settled in on our final leg, we noticed that Pazuzu had realized their mistake. They tacked back out to round the mark so as not to be disqualified. They already owe us time, but we feel sure that the broad lead we had over all of the boats in our fleet will find us well placed in the finish.

Bruce sailed much of the final leg while Steve put out a pole to increase our speed. It was pitch dark and I’ll laughingly submit this photo of Bruce with his eyes tight shut. All of the ones I got of him at the tiller had his eyes closed. This could explain some things…

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