Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wednesday Night Races...Winter Version

Well we’re settling into our winter routine on Cute Shoes… We met Steve and Jacquie on the dock just in time to get out to the starting area to find that there was no Committee there to designate a course or start the race. But never fear! Passion stepped up and did the start from their deck. The Santa Cruz 50 is the fastest boat in our bay… they can do the start for all of the other boats and still make it in before anyone else.

We had a poor start but made good time to the gap. Thanks to the GPS, the marks loom in the darkness. Jacquie has an uncanny ability to pick them out before anyone else. We had to tack to the second mark and had a narrow passage in front of another boat on the way.

We rounded for the second leg and relaxed to enjoy the nighttime skyline of Corpus Christi, all lit up like a festive holiday display. The winds were so light that we fell below three knots for most of the way. But it was very pleasant going along watching all of the other boats try out their light wind strategies.

We quickened a bit after the final mark rounding and put out a pole to try to take advantage of what little wind there was. We watched as Blue Max ghosted past us with her giant asymmetrical spinnaker. It’s that time of year when we must bring layers of clothing to bundle up as necessary. I’m a warm weather sailor. It irks me to have to sail with all these clothes on. But…as long as the winds are light, I can enjoy the ride. The days when the winds blow cold knives right through me are the days I’ll stay home. Sorry Steve, they’re coming!!!

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