Monday, September 14, 2020

Who Needs Vacation When You Live In A Resort?


Just step out the door and take off walking!

Each Beach Walk Is Unique ~ 
We may walk this beach a thousand times ~ 
And each time will be different ~

After a week "away" on Staycation, what do you think we would do on our first day back at home?  Keep up the momentum, of course!  After walking and exploring around the island's west end, my mind was churning and I just couldn't sit still.  Progress on my foot is good, so I was eager to get going again.  This time, we would do the mile on our own beach, and not just stop at the half mile mark! 

What's this??? Looks like they're clearing undergrowth in the palm forest...

One mile!  We made it to our favorite spot!

I love my palm tree!

Keeping this moment for when I grow old...

I can go to the blog and see all of the wondrous moments we had...
We did our walk as quickly as my foot will allow.  When I walk faster, I have a pronounced limp, so I'm trying to walk only as fast as I can with good form.  It slows us down a bit, so Bruce kind of ranges ahead, and then backtracks to check on me, then off he goes again.  Gotta keep him young!  Funny how it's ME that has the issues!!
The view from where I sit.

We were both so happy when we arrived at our double leaning palms.  This is the first time we have come this far since March!  We stripped off our sun shirts and went into the water.  Today it was very calm with the waves rolling in very gently.  We easily walked past the break line.  I haven't been into the water because my foot is still untrustworthy, but today, with these conditions, I was able to wade out into the smooth, silky, perfection that is the (freakin') Caribbean! I still can't believe that we LIVE here!  

Looking to my right...

Looking to my left...

Bruce may, or may not have gone in without clothes...

We stayed until we were good and ready to return.  Walking the beach home is always easier on my foot with the slant of the beach making a more natural position for my ankle.  It's still a bit uncomfortable, but I know that every bit of discomfort is a step toward full recovery, so I am dedicated to getting out there and doing all I can.  I am so beyond fortunate to have this as my physical therapy!

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