Tuesday, September 22, 2020

7 Beaches in 7 Days ~ #1 Palm's Point Beach

We didn't really start out to do it, but once we got going, it just seemed to happen!  When we got up this morning and decided what to do for the day, we got a wild hair and decided to go walk on a DIFFERENT beach!  Just to mix things up a bit!  There was this one beach that we've driven past many times without stopping.  Today, we stopped!  It's called Palm's Point Beach, and it's just a few minutes from our house by car, and really we could walk here from our beach!

Ok, so it isn't the prettiest beach.  It's not even as pretty as OUR beach, but it's different.  And it's a nice, long stretch of sand without another person in sight for a mile!  Perfect for social distancing!  We parked the car and set off to the eastern point, searching for seaglass, but really finding only shiny pieces.  Nothing to collect.  We did however, find some interesting shells, and there are lots of broken coral pieces on the beach, which suggest that snorkeling might be interesting here.

We found a nice Queen's Helmet shell!
It's an easy walk, with nice hard packed sand, and a gentle slope. We walked all the way to the end where we found a shady grotto.  To get past this point, we would have to walk in the water, so we turned back and went to the western point.  

Just around the western point, we could see Cangrejo Beach in the distance.

Morning Glories

Bee Bush (Caribbean Name) 

I want to take this home!!!

Mouth of the Rio Nigua
We walked all the way to, and then just past the western point of this beach, and found this huge driftwood tree!  Wouldn't that look great in our yard?  Bruce should be glad we aren't allowed to have things like this...  We rested for a bit there, and noticed that just a little further down the beach, we could see a small fleet of fishing boats.  We realized that we were looking at Congrejo Beach in Arroyo!  

Well cool!  So now we have pretty much been on every part of our coastline from the downtown, Arroyo Malecon, to our home beach.  It was now becoming warm, so we backtracked to our car and unloaded our loot.  One moment of excitement, turned to disappointment as I looked down and saw this perfect shell!  Then I realized that it was occupied, and we would have to throw it back.  Oh well.  

Back at home, we spread our treasures out to clean them before stacking them somewhere... Not sure what I'm going to do with all of these, but I want them! This turned out to be a nice two mile walk and it's close enough to our house that we can come here often. As it turned out, this was the first of a SEVEN DAY stretch of beach walks.  1 day, 1 beach...

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