Wednesday, September 23, 2020

7 Beaches In 7 Days ~ #2 Playa Palmas (our beach)

Each Beach Walk Is Unique ~

We May Walk This Beach A Thousand Times ~ 

And Each Time Will Be Different ~

OK, so we are counting our own beach as one of the seven different beaches we visited in seven days... Why not?  It was stunning! 

We got out this morning pre-sunrise and found dramatic squall lines and reflections on the flat seas... but the best part was the very vivid partial rainbow in the clouds to our west! 

We try to walk early, but if we get out before the breeze picks up, it's often very warm and muggy.  Today, we were delighted with the cool temperatures of the early morning.  The beach serves as a mental re-set, and no matter what the day brings. we're beginning with a clean slate after a morning walk!

So yesterday, we got out and enjoyed a different beach, but fell back to our familiar and easy walking place today...  I'm energized by the progress I've been making with my foot.  I'm also happy to be able to get out and exercise to gain back all that I lost having been mostly sedentary since the last week of April.  I'm gaining momentum and thankfully, Bruce is all-in as my walking partner!  He even helps carry the loads of sea glass I collect!  Today we found a good bunch... but the real bounty was sand dollars.  Normally we find one or two, and not every day.  But sometimes there are bunches, which signifies a recent kill of some sort.  Probably from runoff from recent heavy rains. Sad to see them die, but I'm collecting them so hopefully their death will not have been for nothing.  Gonna have to get started making something with them soon, or rent a storage space!

More than 125 sand dollars!!!

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