Saturday, September 26, 2020

7 Beaches In 7 Days ~ #5 Our Beach!!

Ok, so it's our same old beach... but it's different from yesterday! Today is a short one. We took a break from walking and did some serious Chillin' instead! I have a new hammock to test!  
For months, we have been driving past a little outdoor tienda on the corner, without stopping. Today, we went there directly! The mission? The perfect hammock. Of course I can't be satisfied with the cheap ones... no! I have to have the best! And I think I have it! 

It seems borderline criminal to live on a beach with the perfect palm trees just begging to have a hammock swinging between. Thanks to Bruce's idea to get a couple of ratchet straps for hanging, and it's super easy! Although I must admit that it took me at least half an hour to get them right this first time. Complete with lots of comical mounting and dismounting technique... no videos! I finally got it just right and spent a couple of delightful hours swinging peacefully, enjoying the view, and marveling at my good fortune!

Bruce had some new fishing lures to try out.  He went out past the wave break and tried throwing a line, but his shoulders would not allow it.  He's got some problems with both rotator cuffs, and his range of motion is limited.  What a bummer!  

The view from the other end!
Perhaps we'll have to set up TWO hammocks next time!  I guess if we're going to be decrepit, this is the best place to do it!  I have to appreciate the fact that we got out of cruising at exactly the right time, and found a wonderful place to settle in.  Walking, and figuring out how to reverse direction in the hammock are the most complicated physical requirements we face! 

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