Sunday, September 27, 2020

7 Beaches In 7 Days ~ #6 Leaning Palms at Playa Palmas

We have been talking about this for months.  We have all the gear, and have just not done it... until TODAY!  We loaded up the wide-wheeled-wagon with stuff and took off walking!  About a mile to the west on our beach, there are two leaning palms that have been our favorite spot for as long as we've lived here.  It's the perfect place to splash around with a long shallow slope and calmer waves than we have outside our gate.  And, there are these lovely leaning palms! 

My mind has been formulating this plan for months, and all it needed was the perfect hammock to make the dream complete!  And now I have it!  Bruce did all the hard work, pulling the heavy wagon through the sand... I just followed along behind.  

My foot is still giving me some trouble and if I walk fast, the limp is unavoidable.  So I'm working on walking only as quickly as I can with good form.  So he speeds ahead, then stops to wait for me to catch up.  

I swear I offered to take a turn...
He's in it for the shade...
Finally we arrived at the spot!  Bruce picked a nearby palm shade to set up his camp.  He was already working on it when I arrived... but I had my own ideas about how this should look.

All he wants is shade.  I'm in it for the photo op!  
I set up the umbrella for him, but he wasn't having it...

I had my head under the palm leaves to avoid the sun.

As the sun moved, I had to put a sarong up to shade me!

Nobody for a mile!

Bruce over there enjoying his little camp in the shade...

My biggest worry, Is the tide gonna reach my hammock!

I have a difficult time just relaxing.  No, seriously, I do.  My mind is buzzing all the time, so much that I find it hard to even concentrate on reading a book.  But today... in this place... I was finally able to just settle down and read.  Swinging from a hammock, bouncing gently when the wind picked up, enjoying the shade and a light breeze to cool me... it was all perfection. 

I was able to calm my mind, and there was nothing else to be done today but sit in this hammock and enjoy a little fiction.  Mindful of the peace, the passing clouds, the sound of the waves and the gentle stretch of the salty froth as it sometimes crept up beneath me... These were all the things in the world.  And then there was the little crab!  He caught my attention for a while.  

The sun travelled from morning position to afternoon position while I reclined under that palm.  Eventually it became impossible to avoid being directly in the sun, so I had to give up my perfect spot, and moved over to join Bruce for some lunch. I got in the water to cool off for a bit, but the waves were a little more than my foot could handle, so I retreated back to my beach chair in the shade.  

Eventually we packed it all in and wheeled our stuff back home.  Bruce let me haul the wagon a portion of the way this time, but he helped me by pushing from the rear! 

It was a wonderful day, and the culmination of much planning.  Whenever I feel like I need a mental reset... I can just remember this!

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