Sunday, September 20, 2020

Keeping Up The Momentum

Each Beach Walk Is Unique ~

We May Walk This Beach A thousand Times ~

And Each Time It Is Different ~

This beach view may look the same to you... but for us, every time we go out, something is a little bit different.  Today, it was near calm!  Perfect for a swim! My foot and leg are improving a little bit every day.  I'm no longer having the "bad days" where it seems hopeless.  I do get frustrated that it seems to be taking so long, but then I remind myself that only a few weeks ago, I could not walk, drive or even wear a shoe.  

Now, I'm back to the wonderful beach walks and doing two miles several times per week.  This time, since the waves were small, I was able to take a swim without fear of being tumbled in the waves. It was refreshing and such a pleasure, it gives me the best incentive!

Coconut toss!

Sea Glass collection has been scarce on our beach lately.  Not sure why... But we always find something to entertain me!

The way home...

Our friend Jaime!
It must be Sunday!  I know because we encountered Jaime on the way home today.  He comes and fishes every Sunday and he's a very sweet man.  He speaks to me in Spanish and I get to try to communicate with him.  It's good for me to be forced to use what Spanish I know, and he's always very helpful.  Today he caught a good sized Snook.  Maybe Bruce needs to get out there and try his luck!

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