Thursday, September 24, 2020

7 Beaches In 7 Days ~ #3 Playa Los Bohios

We really didn't have a plan to go to the beach when we woke up this morning... But the pink sky was a great motivator.  After walking our same-ol-beach again yesterday, I decided "No more!" Wild hair hit and Bruce did not object, so we loaded up our beach chairs and plenty of water, and off we went!  

It's been a while since we visited Playa Los Bohios in Maunabo. We came here in July for our Anniversary breakfast, and just sat and had pastries.  Of course I could not walk back then... but NOW!  Now I can make up for all I missed!

This beach is a special favorite because of the shifting black sands.  We never know where it will be when we come.  Today, it's totally on the upper bank, with all of the sand within reach of the tide being the brownish color.  We were thinking that with recent light winds, we might have an opportunity to swim here, but I think the waves are still a bit much for my foot.  So, we stayed on the shore and entertained ourselves with the surprise pleasure of finding a whole bunch of sea glass. This was never a sea glass beach before!  SCORE!!!

Cloudy and cooler!  The lighthouse graces Punta Tuna at the distant point.

Complete contrast

I was eager to get going and see what the river looked like after all of this time.  Just a short distance from our parking spot is where Rio Maunabo and Quebrada Arenas meet the Caribbean.  There's a jungle-esque feel to this spot that has me ever more in love of our life here on Puerto Rico. 

What we found when we reached the river basin was not what we expected at all.  The whole area was very much changed and we encountered the river much sooner than before.  But even more surprising was the complete silting in of the river mouth.  Where there once was water flowing from the river to the Caribbean Sea, there was now a wall of solid sand. 

We felt bold as we waltzed on past the area where the river comes closest to the sea, collecting pieces of sea glass all the way.  I just couldn't believe how much there was! It's hard work bending and reaching and stretching and walking, and by the time we got to the furthest point we've been on this beach, we were hot and tired.  Even with the fair amount of cloud cover and relative cool, we had to take a break.  Thank goodness we found a nice leaning palm to provide some shade and a place to sit for a while as we soak up the beauty of this place.  

I'm standing where the river was on our last visit here!

Sea Glass!

You can see the layers but they're covered by blown sand.

Clouds give a "wintery" feel to the sky.  Mmmmuuuaaahahahahaha!  Winter!!  
After spending some time here, we walked back to the car, still picking up sea glass pieces.  I can't help it.  It's a sickness!  We brought out our chairs and rested our sweaty bodies here beneath the shady palms and just watched the beautiful waves roll in.  

I am amazed at how much this beach has changed since July.  I remember that we took our chairs down closer to the water and sat beneath a low palm.  That tree is completely gone now, without a trace.  There are a lot of palms that were leaning precariously back then, that are now just gone.  Washed away! I wonder where they are now? These are the thoughts that move slowly through my mind as my eyes soak in the beauty all around us. 

He's deep into this book.  It's amazing that I got him to go walking at all!

These moments calm my mind.  No matter what's going on in the world, when we go out and walk the beaches, surround ourselves in peace and beauty, we just can't help but soak in the serenity.  

Sea Glass galore!

Black Sand!!

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