Saturday, January 7, 2017

Getting Propane in St. Thomas

Motoring into the industrial bay
This will be a boring read for anyone who does NOT want to know how to get a propane bottle filled in St. Thomas, USVI… but I wish that I had found one like it before we needed it.

Motor all the way to the end of the bay

Almost there...

Dock on either side, we chose the inside
The first time we got propane here, we anchored Dos Libras briefly in Elephant Bay on Water island and dinghied over.  This time we were already anchored in the next bay over, Lindberg Bay.  It was about a mile by dinghy but the point was pretty bumpy and we got completely soaked!  But it was fun and it still beat sitting in a cubicle…

There is a rickety dock all the way up into Krum Bay and on the eastern side of the cul-de-sac.  The waters calm significantly as you dinghy up into the narrow Bay between many derelict and sunken boat.  The area is very industrial and not pretty at all.


Turn left at the end of the dock and walk up the street
We docked the dinghy and locked it good, then went left at the end of the dock for a short distance.  You can see the large white propane tanks from the dock.  There is a Flooring store in your right and the St. Thomas Propane is in a yellow building on the left.  Go into the door to the office and pay for your fill, then back out to the raised concrete shed area for the fill.

They were very nice.  We paid $11 for a 10lb. bottle and even though there was a regular customer with much more volume needed, they took us right away.  Very easy!  The whole thing took about ten minutes.
Go into the office and pay (leave your tank outside)

Tanks can be seen from the dock

Take your tank and receipt to this dock and a guy will fill it.

We decided to take a walk around and continued on past the propane store to the T in the road.  There is a Texas BBQ place there but it wasn’t open yet.  We turned right and eventually found a Yamaha parts store and an electrical parts store…  

Leaving there, we continued on around the curve past the Cruise Ship landing toward Crown Bay Marina.  They have a fence all around but there is an open gate if you look hard enough…  We bought some groceries at their store but the prices were VERY high… I paid $9.99 for a small bag of potatoes…

That’s it!  It was a nice little walk and we needed the exercise.  

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