Sunday, October 4, 2009

Quick Trip to San Antonio

Sunday morning we were lying in bed having coffee when I decided we must go to San Antonio to see Melissa's new place. I just couldn't stand it any longer. My wonderful accommodating husband hustled us into the car with some things we had for the kids and off we went! Melissa met us at the door.

I had seen pictures but had no real feel for the place. The neighborhood is quiet and her townhouse is almost like having a house. It is on the end and has a big back yard. It's the best of both worlds because someone else takes care of the front lawn.

Melissa had called on Saturday to tell us that she couldn't do laundry because the faucet feeding into the washer leaked badly. She also had some trouble with the dishwasher and some other minor things. She NEEDED us! So we came up and took stock of the situation, made a list for Home Depot and dug in. Bruce and I fixed the washer faucet so that laundry could be going.

We decided that the dryer exhaust wasn't right so we fixed that too...

I took over in the living room and helped Melissa arrange things there...

I broke one of my cardinal rules and we hung things on the walls. Usually it's best to wait until things are all in place, but we knew where these things would go.

Bruce and I brought some pictures that I thought would be to Melissa's taste. She found the perfect place for them.

Brittney didn't get home from work until nearly time for us to leave, but we had a short visit with her too.

They have so much still to put up, but the place is really beginning to look cute! I can't wait for our next visit.

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