Saturday, October 17, 2009

Busy Day with the Girl's in San Antonio

Bruce and I spent our birthday with the girls this year. No party, no candles, no half naked dancers... we went out searching for treasures at the San Antonio area garage sales.

Treasures we did find too! We got this beautiful set of chairs and coffee table for $115 bucks total.

I wasn't sure what Melissa's tastes were but was happy to see her eyeing this beautiful table. It's solid oak with thick walnut veneer. It has inlaid wood around the edges and slide out extensions at each end. It's beautiful and sturdy.

The tables are solid mahogany with horse hair seat covers. There are small holes on the seat covers but it will be easy to cover them over if Melissa decides to do it. I think she's going to keep the horsehair for a while. They're very cool looking.

We also found a set of china dishes... service for 12 with platters, cups and a creamer for $15. I got on the Internet and found out that the large platter alone can be had for $99.95. The whole set probably would cost nearly $1000. if bought on the website I found. What a coupe!

After we put all those things away, we started working on home projects. Bruce showed Brittney how to use the cordless drill Melissa received from a friend as a housewarming present.

She got way into the do-it-yourself thing!

She went to town with the drill doing all the work herself with a few tips from Bruce. Her first project was to install a shoe rack she got at a garage sale for $2.

Getting 18 pairs of shoes out of her floor... priceless!

Next project was to measure for the installation of a drawer in the bottom of her bathroom vanity. I measured and Brittney did all the hole drilling.

Then she placed the runner...

And Voila!!! It works! Now all those things she put down there will be easily accessible.

Melissa's turn with the drill next! She, with Bruce's help... installed a hanger in her bathroom to put towels.

This we purchased earlier for a buck! It's very nice wrought iron and looks great in the room. It was also very much needed... there are few places to put things down in Melissa's place. It'll be fun to help her fill it with beautiful things for months to come. There will be no difficulty in coming up with a Christmas list this year! We had a great time helping her pull things together.

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