Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Final Days as a Port A Marina Resident

Bruce spent the day at the boat doing guy things. I raced out there after work to spend our last Wednesday night in Port A. We have decided since joining the BYC in Corpus Christi, to move the boat back to their city marina. These last times were more "big" to me as they will be few and far between for a while... We sat in the cockpit enjoying a sundowner and the dolphin cruising right off our stern.

We took a walk and saw three turtles performing an underwater ballet...

We saw a magnificent post-sundown display while walking along the channel in the cool evening air.

We saw the pelicans settled in for beddy-by on our way back to the boat alongside the shrimpers docks.

We spent a peaceful night in the v-berth then I drove back to civilization for work on Thursday while Bruce did more guy things at the boat.

We had reservations about leaving Port Aransas. It's been nice for the past two years having our "condo" in the little resort town. But since we joined the BYC, we have been torn between attending their functions and spending weekends on our own boat. We added all of the pros and cons and decided to make the move. I'm already missing being a "local"... but I'm sure we'll have a great time in CC with all of our new BYC friends and in using the Club.

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