Saturday, October 10, 2009

False Start

The last race of the BYC Summer Series took place today (I guess) without us. We had planned to do the race but when the weather became cool, wet, and nasty, neither of us was too excited about it.

We had every intention... we took the van to the marina and left it so that we would have wheels. We took a detour over to North Beach to try out Pier 99 that many of our friends said was great.

It had the usual beach place ambiance and good drinks.... although we missed happy hour which ends at 6pm. We arrived at about 6:01 pm.

The food was good... Bruce made the mistake of ordering fried fish (what was he thinking), but mine was a nice Costa Rican garlicy dish. There was a nice two-man-band playing favorites. In spite of the cool wind, we enjoyed the back porch dining. It was a great start to our weekend and I give it a solid 8.

We stopped over at the Lex entrance on our way out. I've not been here since it first came and it's changed a lot. Must put this on our list of things to do sometime when we have nothing to do... yeah right!

They had a couple of big pieces from the ship but it was really too cold to play on them.

I just took a few quick pics of interest.

We spent the night on the boat and in the morning over coffee... Bruce discovered that I had not brought along any warm clothes... (as usual) I'm in denial about winter. We knocked around doing the race... not doing the race... a win for not doing the race! So after breakfast, we packed it in and drove home.

I have spent the entire day up until now, working on catching up with my blog and my FaceBook page and organizing my pictures. It's a chore! Bruce says I'm obsessed. I just want to have all of this to look back over when I'm so old that my mind doesn't remember all the fun things we did. He'll thank me some day too.

Now, must prepare for the BYC Dinner. Ta!

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