Sunday, May 31, 2009

To Sail or Not to Sail...

We had a very leisurely morning on the boat Sunday morning. We putzed around and had breakfast. I read on deck while bruce motored around in the dinghy. He came back to get me and we motored over to Wave Dancer to visit with Doug and Patty and have a bloody mary. We sat around on their boat trying to decide if there would be enough wind to make the sailboat go. Tom and Sharon from next door (Baby Doll Too) joined us. We all watched as Tom did a dive on his prop. They were taking a charter out on Monday and had to do some chores. We invited them to go out with us and so we waited while they finished things up.
We decided to skip the sailing... it seemed like a lot of damned trouble. We packed up some drinks in the two dinghys and they followed us across the channel to our favorite swimming hole. Well, they didn't really follow us... they did rings around us in their bigger dinghy with the bigger motor. Oh well, we all ended up in the right place. Here are Doug and Bruce contemplating placement of the anchor. Look how clear and inviting the water is.
We rafted their dink to ours and got ready to float around. We made little hammocks with the life preservers and sat on them. The water was so nice. The wind was coming up a bit and it got kind of splashy so we all loaded back up and went to the other side of the channel.
The water was much calmer over there. Doug made it over faster and waded out to help us beach. It wasn't as pretty... the water was murky but very warm. We had been getting a bit chilly back where we were. We all got back to floating and had a great time whiling away the afternoon.
We had plenty to BS about with these guys. It's very nice to be able to get away from the crouded beaches and be in our own little world for a while. It's also good to be with people with like interests and stories to tell. I realized while floating there in the channel, most of the people in my life are happy. Bruce and I have so many wonderful friends with positive attitudes who love to have fun. We must be doing something right.

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