Monday, May 25, 2009

The Cruise Home

Something was wrong! There was not a breath of wind when we awoke in the morning. After the blowing we left on our doorstep, it seemed ominous... the calm. We again had our coffee in the cockpit with a view that brings tears to your eyes.
We watched as the sun came up across the water. We saw our fellows drift out of their slips one by one... many of them had to make for Corpus before the end of the day. Our destination was much closer... we had the luxury of time. Monday. The longing for it to never end was tugging!

We took a short walk up the dock and found this little guy. If anyone knows what he is, please give me a clue! I've never seen one like him. This area is known for it's fabulous birdwatching.

On our way back to the boat, we caught this little guy just waking up.

We had breakfast aboard Elan and then did some minor cleaning in preparation for our departure. We took off with a wave to the welcoming committee,and had a nice uneventful motor all the way back to Port A.

Once we made it back to our slip, we didn't get straight home. We met up with Ken and Carrie, who had boat chores to do so that they couldn't go to the ball... I was once again enthralled with their stories of buying their new (to them) boat which they brought from it's previous home in Guatamala. I'll have to get more of that later. We spent some time chatting with friends from San Antonio, Doug and Pattie after we got our own chores done. We parted ways in the late afternoon and headed home to clean up the mess.

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