Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Real Mother's Day

Bruce and I spent part of Saturday cleaning up the strung out mess he had left the day his back began giving him fits weeks ago. Sunday morning, we came back out and spent some time relaxing and reading in the sun.
Melissa showed up quietly and joined us fresh from San Antonio.
When Mother, Mark and Laura showed up our party got started. We had some drinks and chatted for a bit before Bruce cooked the chicken. We all had a great time enjoying the afternoon and talking about plans for the Wedding trip to Hawaii. It sounds like they have a lot of really fun things planned... I can't wait!

The lunch turned out great! Mark brought some cute little pork pieces wrapped in bacon to join the chicken.

After lunch everyone but Bruce piled into Mark's truck to go on a brief shopping excursion. Everyone had something to look for but only Melissa bought anything. I guess the mood just wasn't right.

We returned to the boat and Melissa left for San Antonio. She still had a long drive ahead of her. The rest of us lounged around for a while longer then everyone broke up for home. It was a good Mother's Day for me.

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