Thursday, March 4, 2021

Girls~on~the~Loose And Bruce - A Day On Playa Buyé!

 What goes up, must come down.  We're old.  We're tired. We can only go-go-go so much before we need a day to just chill.  Our last full day of Staycation was that day.  Our B&B was a five minute walk from one of the best beaches in Puerto Rico, Playa Buyé. So we got up, had a leisurely morning, packed up our wagon and hoofed it on over there for a few hours of bucolic bliss on the beach!

It's a public beach resort, with a restaurant and even some vacation rentals on site.  There is a little gift shop and a nice sidewalk, which made "draggin the wagon" down the beach to find that perfect spot beneath the trees, a breeze!  We were there relatively early on a Thursday, so the beach wasn't too crowded yet, but we wouldn't want to wait much later in the day... It got much more crowded as the day progressed. 

There's not much to say about hours lying back in a beach chair... The sun was shining, the breeze was cool in the shadow of the trees.  We dozed.  Bruce swam a bit.  We watched the little kids and families enjoying their day. 

The water was still a little too chilly for us girls...

The tree we're under is dropping a carpet of these little flowers.  Perfect! Like we're royalty!

I can't figure out what type of tree it is, so if you know, give me a link.

Sue had on more sunscreen than I did!

As the day progressed, and the sun made way across the sky... I had to move my chair back every once in a while.  Yeah, it's tough.  Bruce was not ten feet away, and he managed to sunburn his entire chest and face.  I'm not sure how that happened... we were sitting under the same tree! 

Food and souvenir vendors, have to visit them next time!

By mid-afternoon we began to get hungry.  Our plan was to go back to the B&B, wash up and then go out for a(nother) nice dinner on our last night of Staycation.  Guess we will have to sample the beach food here another day... We made the short walk back to our place, and soon, we were speeding on over to Annie's Place on Combate Beach.

Annie's Place is a VERY nice restaurant/bar right on the end of Combate beach!
He got fish tacos, I ordered mofongo! YUM!

The BIGGEST piece of fish EVER!  We've eaten fish tacos all over the world!... This beats them all!

Another beautiful beach for us to put on our list for next time!

Well folks, we took our tired but happy bodies back to our B&B to sit on the veranda one more time before we have to pack it up and return to our regular lives... (don't hate us).  Stay tuned for ONE MORE fun-filled day on the way home!

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